ECMI presentation at Schleswig-Holstein Parliament Europe Committee, and introductory visit to the President of the Parliament Torsten Geerdts.

From right to left: Torsten Geerdts, President of the Schleswig-Holstein Parliament, Tove Malloy, Director of ECMI, and Knud Larsen, Chairman of the ECMI Board

On Wednesday 13 January, ECMI Chairman Dr Knud Larsen and ECMI Director Dr Tove Malloy are visiting the Europe Committee with the purpose of making a presentation of ECMI to indicate the new areas of research and action under the new directorship as well as strategies in regional and communication aspects. The overarching theme is ECMI development from conflict management to diversity management in the five topical areas of:

1) Justice and Governance; 2) Politics and Civil Society; 3)Conflict and Security; 4)Culture and Diversity; 5) Citizenship and Ethics

Also regional development, citizenship in terms of participation, reconciliation, intercultural competence, minority women and youth, minorities in the public sphere will be new focus themes.
One of the ECMI obligations included in its statutes is to disseminate and transfer its practical experience in minority protection through publications, seminars and trainings. This is planned to be made available especially to the minority and majority civil servants using the experiences of Danish/German border region in the framework of Minority Summer Academy to the benefit of other European minority regions.

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