ECMI Presentation at the IFSH research colloquium

The process of Soviet Union´s breakdown led to the emergence of a number of unrecognized states on its former territory. Twenty years later these unrecognized states continue to represent a number of challenges for international community. Dr. Protsyk will present ECMI’s on-going research on these challenges in his talk entitled "Eurasia's Unrecognized States: Domestic and International Challenges". The talk will provide a comparative perspective on the domestic politics of unrecognized states that emerged in the territories of Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Moldova. It will highlight the existence of the uneasy relationship between implementing a secessionist agenda and building democracies in Eurasia’s de facto states. It will also examine the links between the domestic politics of unrecognized states and international negotiations over the status of these entities.
The IFSH - Institute for Peace and Security studies - is an independent research institution at the University of Hamburg that has a long tradition of excellence in peace and security research and an established international reputation in this field.

Place and Date:
Hamburg, 09 December 2009

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Oleh Protsyk, tel. +49-461-14149-11

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