ECMI presented new issue brief on Cyprus at Georgetown University, Washington DC

On 19 April 2011 ECMI Senior Research Associate PD Dr. Jan Asmussen gave a talk at Georgetown University's Centre for Turkish Studies titled 'Should the UN Kiss Cyprus Goodbye'. Dr. Asmussen addressed an interested crowd of distinctive scientists and diplomats. He speculated on why in fact the UN Secretary General's long awaited progress report on the negotiations in Cyprus did not come up with a final recommendation on how long the United Nations will be committed to engage in Cyprus. Ban Ki Moon had warned that the UN would not continue indefinitely to spend efforts and money on a process that does not seem to render any progress. Dr. Asmussen sensed that there was not much to suggest that a negotiated solution was anywhere close to being concluded in the foreseeable future. This appeared strange as on the onset the past three years have seen the most intensive and most comprehensive negotiation process ever. The UN had spent much effort in reconciliation projects on the islands-yet both communities were far apart from each other. Recent opinion polls indicated that this gap was widening rather than narrowing. Dr. Asmussen called for a real test of Cypriot sincerity toward a negotiated solution of the Cyprus problem based on the UN Parameters, i.e a bi-zonal, bicommunal federation. This test could only be achieved if the UN would follow up on its covert threats of withdrawal from the negotiation process if these were not producing any tangible results. Dr. Asmussen urged Greek and Turkish political parties, civil society actors and media to engage in honest discussions as to what they perceive as the preferable vision for the future of the island. If a multicultural and bi-communal federation was not the preferred option, alternative models had to be seriously considered.

ECMI has published an issue brief on the subject that was released on the day of the event.

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