ECMI provides expert review to the Schleswig-Holstein Landtag

In a joint hearing convened in Kiel by the Committee for Interior and Legal Affairs and the Committee for European Affairs on 1 September 2010, a team of ECMI researchers provided expert review on the issue of constitutional recognition of national minorities in Europe. Director Tove Malloy, Deputy Director Ewa Chylinski and Senior Research Associate Jan Asmussen spoke to the members of the two committees about the issue of recognition of national minorities at the constitutional level. The expert advice was an elaboration of a written statement requested by the Committee for Internal and Legal Affairs and sent by ECMI on 28 May 2010. For the written statement see here.

The joint hearing had the aim to assess the possible constitutional recognition of the Roma and Sinti community in Schleswig-Holstein. A proposal to amend the current Schleswig-Holstein Constitution to that extent has been introduced by several opposition parties in the Landtag. The current Schleswig-Holstein Constitution recognizes the Danish minority and the North Frisians in Schleswig-Holstein through Article 5 of the Constitution. The recognition of the Danish and the North Frisian minorities, which was approved in 1990, has resulted in a number of specific statutes provisioning the protection of the cultures, languages and educational rights of these minorities. To adopt an amendment, a two-thirds majority is required in the Schleswig-Holstein Landtag.

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Place and Date: Kiel, 06 September 2010
Further information: Tove H. Malloy: malloy@ecmi.de

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