ECMI Staff takes part in the Annual Conference of the International Law Association

On 27-28 April 2011, the British Branch of the International Law Association held its Annual Conference at the University of Sheffield. The conference title was ‘States, Peoples and Minorities: Whither the Nation in International Law?’ ECMI was represented by the Cluster ‘Justice and Governance’; both Senior Research Associate Alexander Osipov and Junior Research Associate Ulrike Barten took part in the convention and made contributions.

Almost 150 international lawyers participated in the conference; most were from the UK.

Alexander Osipov and Ulrike Barten were scheduled for the first minority panel 'Minorities in International Law'. Alexander Osipov’s presentation was entitled ‘Non-territorial Autonomy and International Law’; Ulrike Barten’s  ‘Saving the State: National Minorities and the Right to Internal Self-Determination’

Many speakers focused on the state as an actor in international law, the notion of self-determination, the declaration of independence of Kosovo and minority rights from 1920 to the present and in the future. Many contributors concluded that there were significant uncertainties and deficiencies in contemporary international law. A number of the difficulties referred to can be seen in the course of recent controversies regarding Kosovo, South Ossetia and Palestine and involving the meaning of unilateral declarations of independence, international recognition of newly emerging states, the role of sub-state actors in creation and application of international law. Some speakers pointed out the weakness and insufficiency of existing international institutions for conflict prevention and minority protection. Many called for new endeavors aiming at finding conceptual solutions and stressed the necessity of international scholarly cooperation.

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