ECMI takes part in the round-Table “Concept of Russian Anti-Discrimination Legislation”

On 19 October 2010, Alexander Osipov, ECMI Senior Research Associate of the Justice & Governance Cluster, was one of the key speakers at the round-table for legal experts devoted to the future anti-discrimination legislation in the Russian Federation.

The round-table was the stage of the two-year (2009-11) project run by the Moscow-based non-governmental centre for legal analysis and advocacy JURIX (Lawyers for Constitutional Rights and Liberties). The project funded by the Strategic Program Fund (UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office) aims at drafting a conceptual outline for Russian anti-discrimination legislation through the initiation of a wide discussion among legal professionals. Currently Russia lacks anti-discriminatory legislation, and several provisions within sectoral laws cannot serve as a remedy for any kind of discrimination. There are virtually no professional discussions on the issues of equality and discrimination amongst academics, politicians and human rights activists in the country.

The working group of three experts including Alexander Osipov has prepared three analytical overviews on international and domestic legal remedies for discrimination on the grounds respectively of gender, ethnicity and age as well as three conceptual outlines explaining the ways how the existing legal approaches could be incorporated into the Russian law and implemented.

The round-table was held for discussing the second draft of the conceptual outlines; the first expert meeting took place in June 2010. Among the participants were research associates of the Institute of State and Law (Russian Academy of Sciences), the Moscow Academy of Law, The Moscow High School of Economics, The Ufa Academy of the Interior, Moscow University of Trade and Economics, Open Society Justice Initiative, Moscow office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, several advisors to the Constitutional and Supreme Courts of the Russian Federation, staff members of the Federal Ombudsman Office and two regional ombuds offices, several members of the Moscow City Bar.

Alexander Osipov heads the Justice and Governance cluster, one of ECMI’s five research units. The cluster’s activities are carried out from cross- and multidisciplinary perspectives and are focused on issues of norm diffusion, convergence and translation into political and administrative practice. In particular, the cluster works on the intersection and synergy of minority protection and non-discrimination.


Place and Date: Moscow, 19 October 2010
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