International Conference on Minority Languages XIII, 22-24 June 2011 Flensburg-Sønderborg

ECMI, University of Southern Denmark - Institute for Border Region Studies in Sønderborg  and University of Flensburg – Institute for Danish Language,  invite to this high profile  gathering of international scholars from Europe, South Africa and Australia. In addition to discussing issues related to the institutional settings for many traditional minority languages in Europe and rarely described in publications, the conference will allow the participants and interested public to acquaint themselves with ways of addressing minority language policies and practices in other parts of the world.

As  side events to the conference,  a presentation of contemporary local minorities, their culture and problems is open to the broad interested public and will take place in Sønderborg on 23 June in Alsion and in Flensburg on 24 June at the University of FlensburgThe local institutions in the border region of Schleswig-Sønderjylland of the Danish and Frisian minorities in North Germany and the German minority in Southern Denmark will be presenting their own institutions to support, develop and promote their respective languages in two open public events.

 The minority musical groups will provide entertainment  on both evenings.

The general theme of the conference is “The Institutional Arrangements”, which today play a crucial role in the maintenance, development  and promotion of traditional minority languages .

ICML 13 will be taking place in the German-Danish border region for the first time in its long history (see the review of past conferences on the webpage here.

The ICML is an informal network of minority language scholars, who on voluntary basis organize consecutive conference every 2nd- 3rd year since 1980.
For further information, please  contact: Ewa Chylinski at chylinski@ecmi.de 


Place and date: 07.06.2011          

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