National minorities in the 21st century Europe: new discourses, new narratives?

ECMI Director, Dr. Tove H. Malloy holds a public lecture at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania on 6 October 2010. The lecture addresses the relations between national minority narratives and European integration discourses. The notion that national minorities can promote rather than obstruct European integration has yet to be accepted in politics and explored fully in research. When new capacities emerge and new spaces for politics become defined national minorities are rarely seen as primary actors. The tendency in the 20th Century to trap national minority narratives in the security and justice discourses has not served them well. Recent research has demonstrated that national minorities represent narratives that evidence collective action capacities in the democratic processes to reunite Europe peacefully through modernization and regional development. This, Dr. Malloy argues presents opportunities to see national minorities in a new light.

During her visit to Cluj, Dr. Malloy will also meet with colleagues at the Ethnocultural Diversity Resource Center (EDRC). ECMI co-operates with EDRC on projects and research. The mission of the EDRC is to contribute to the construction of democracy in Romania, by improving the country’s interethnic climate and promoting the principles of ethnocultural peace and justice. EDRC is one of the successor organizations of the Open Society Foundation Romania, Cluj Branch. Its activity is based on the experience gained in the past nine years in managing programs in the field of interethnic relations. The Center’s activity is of relevance for the efforts Romania has made to align European values, especially in the context of the European Union's enlargement to Eastern Europe. EDRC manages a considerable number of programs in the field of interethnic relations, by supporting and implementing projects and initiatives directed towards various aspects of accommodating ethnocultural diversity: research on common history, cultural exchanges, socio-demographic databases, community-level interethnic relationships, good governance of multiethnic communities, publications, etc. For more information, see www.edrc.ro.

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Place and Date: Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 06 October 2010
For further information, contact: info@ecmi.de

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