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ECMI participates in the 60th Political Studies Association Annual Conference in Edinburgh, UK 29 March to 1st April 2010

The creation of regional spaces for politics across national borders and the role of national minorities in border regions is the theme of a paper delivered by Dr. Tove H. Malloy, ECMI Director at the 60th Political Studies... [more]


Co-operation agreement with CEVK / Kooperationsvereinbarung mit CEVK

On 18 March 2010, ECMI Director Dr. Tove H. Malloy and the Director of the Center for the Research of Ethnicity and Culture in Bratislava, PhD Michal Vasecka signed a Memorandum of Understanding laying out intentions of... [more]


ECMI Regional Academic Forum Meeting / Sitzung des regionalen akademischen ECMI-Forums

Friday, 19 March 2010 a constitutive first Forum meeting to discuss ways and means to make the experiences of the border region better known to our colleagues in Europe will take place in the Kompagnietor Building.The... [more]


Reconstituting ECMI’s non-resident Senior Research Associate Network (SRAN) / Neukonstitution des Netzwerkes der auswärtigen ECMI-Forschungsbeauftragten (SRAN)

A reconstitution meeting of ECMI’s non-resident Senior Research Associate Network (SRAN) is taking place in Flensburg, Germany on 17-20 March 2010. The aim is to assemble a multi-disciplinary body of experts which complements... [more]


Press Release

Mindretalsdepartementet fra det Georgiske Reintegrationsministerie på studiebesøg i grænseregionen I samarbejde med Europarådet og Danida arrangerer ECMI i dagene fra den 8.-11. marts en studierejse for repræsentanter for det... [more]


The ECMI Enriched Links Database

This database, available on the internet at http://www.ecmi.de/elinks/, has been referred to by outside experts as a highly useful reference tool for researchers. These links have been carefully selected and are monitored... [more]


Erstes regionales ECMI-Rundtischgespräch / Første regionale ECMI rundbordsdiskussion

Erstes regionales ECMI-Rundtischgespräch Gestern versammelten sich Repräsentantinnen und Repräsentanten der nationalen Minderheiten, der Medien, der FUEN, der Forschungseinrichtungen der Grenzregion beim ECMI im Kompagnietor... [more]


Georgia Good Governance for Minorities Training

Georgia Good Governance for Minorities Training A final joint training for the government officials, civil servants, minority council representatives and minority programme department of t Public Broadcasting Company is... [more]


Competence Analysis: National Minorities as a Standortfaktor in the German-Danish Border Region – Working with each other, for each other

On 17 February 2010 ECMI Director, Dr. Tove H. Malloy is presenting the study “Competence Analysis: National Minorities as a Standortfaktor in the German-Danish Border Region – Working with each other, for each other” to the... [more]


Top-level ECMI meeting with the Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein Peter Harry Carstensen/ECMI trifft Schleswig-Holsteinischen Ministerpräsidenten Peter Harry Carstensen

On Monday o1 February, ECMI Chairman Dr Knud Larsen and ECMI Director Dr Tove Malloy paid an introductory visit to the Prime Minister of the Schleswig-Holstein Government – Peter Harry Carstensen. The purpose of the visit was... [more]

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