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ECMI presentation at Schleswig-Holstein Parliament Europe Committee, and introductory visit to the President of the Parliament Torsten Geerdts.

On Wednesday 13 January, ECMI Chairman Dr Knud Larsen and ECMI Director Dr Tove Malloy are visiting the Europe Committee with the purpose of making a presentation of ECMI to indicate the new areas of research and action under... [more]


Kooperationsvereinbarung zwischen ECMI und Universität Flensburg/Co-operation agreement between Flensburg Univertity and ECMI

On 15 December, ECMI Director Dr. Tove H. Malloy and University of Flensburg President Prof. Dr. Lutz R. Reuter signed an extension for two years to their co-operation agreement. The agreement stipulates co-operation within... [more]


Conference and Training on “Minority Governance Best Practices”

The training is designed to enhance the capacity of the Community Consultative Council (CCC) to fulfill its tasks and activities according to the “Comprehensive Proposal for the Kosovo Status Settlement and the role of the... [more]


ECMI Presentation at the IFSH research colloquium

The process of Soviet Union´s breakdown led to the emergence of a number of unrecognized states on its former territory. Twenty years later these unrecognized states continue to represent a number of challenges for... [more]


Language, Media, Education and Culture as part of Minority Governance in Europe

An intensive training delivered to the Georgian Inter-ministerial Coordination Group on Minority Issues under the Ministry of Reintegration brought together representatives of the Ministry of Culture, Monument Protection and... [more]


ECMI participating in conference “Inclusion Unaffordable?”

With public opinion in recent years having soured on multiculturalism, conflicts over culture have intensified in the public sphere of culturally diverse societies. Strong articulations against accommodating cultural... [more]


ECMI enters co-operation agreement/ECMI schließt Kooperationsvereinbarung

ECMI enters co-operation agreement with the European Academy (EURAC), Bolzano/Bozen. During a ceremony in Copenhagen on 6 November, the Chairman of ECMI, Dr. Knud Larsen and the President of EURAC, Dr. Werner Stuflesser, have ... [more]


Staatspolitische Gesellschaft Hamburg visits European Centre for Minority Issues

A group from the Staatspolitische Gesellschaft Hamburg will visit the European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) on 31 October. The visit is part of a day excursion with the title "Germans and Danes - example of ... [more]


Language transmission and identity preservation among German Minorities in Russia

ECMI takes active part in this conference, supported by the Council of Europe program "National minorities in Russia: Language, Culture, Media and Civic Development". The event is also supported by the European... [more]


International Conference/Internationale Konferenz

International ConferenceDemos or Ethnos? Multiethnic Societies as Challenges for Liberal Democracy-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Internationale KonferenzDemos oder... [more]

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