The overall aim of the project is to determine the impact of intensified migration on the situation of minority groups in Europe. The objectives of the project are to trace these effects both at the level of policy – following the debates surrounding the relationship between the protection of ‘traditional’ minorities and policies designed with regard to the so-called ‘new minorities’ – and at the level of political discourse, as visible both in mainstream political debates and in instances of social mobilisation outside the sphere of formal politics. 

More specifically, at the level of policy, the project seeks to analyse the potential for extending certain aspects of the existing legal framework for the protection of national minorities (for example, the provisions on equality and non-discrimination) to recent migrants, and the ways in which these could be re-designed for this purpose. At the level of discourse, it will factor in both academic debates concerning the similarities and differences between historical minorities and recent migrants, and the shared vulnerability of these groups to exclusionary rhetoric coming from sections of the majority population.

Project partners: University of Groningen (Netherlands), EURAC Research (Italy).

Contact: Caitlin Boulter

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