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The ECMI prepares publications at different stages in our work and with varied aims. Below is a list of our current publications database, and in the left menu there is access to descriptions of our publications. 

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Issue 3/2018

Special Issue: Separatist Movements in Europe

Guest editor: Alan B. Anderson

Issue 2/2018

General Issue

Editor: Dr. Tamara Hoch

Issue 1/2018

General Issue

Editor: Dr. Tamara Hoch

Issue 3/2017

General Issue

Editor: Dr. Tamara Hoch

Issue 2/2017

Special Issue: Minority Rights and the New Migration

Guest editor: Alan B. Anderson

Issue 1/2017

General Issue

Editor: Dr. Tamara Hoch

Issue 3 / 2016

General Issue

Editor: Dr. Tamara Hoch

Issue 2 / 2016

Special Issue: The 1990 CSCE Copenhagen Document, East-West encounters and evolutions of the minority regime in Europe

Guest editor: Dr Alexander Osipov

Issue 1 / 2016

General Issue

Editor: Dr Andreea Carstocea

Issue 4/2015

Anniversary Issue: 15 Years of the Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe

Editor: Dr Andreea Carstocea

Issue 3/2015

Special Issue: Distribution of Financial Support to Organizations Representing National Minorities

Editor: Dr Andreea Carstocea

Issue 2/2015

Special Issue: Transethnic Coalition-Building within and across States

Guest Editor: Prof. David J Smith

Issue 1/2015

General Issue

Editor: Dr. Andreea Carstocea

Issue 4/2014

General Articles


Issue 3/2014

Special Issue - Europeanization and Minority Rights: From External Conditionality to Internal Practices 

Guest editor: Tamara Hoch Jovanovic

Issue 2/2014

Special Issue - National Minorities between Protection and Empowerment

Guest editor: Tove H. Malloy

Issue 1/2014

Special Issue - Minority Participation in Estonia and Latvia

Guest editor: Ada-Charlotte Regelmann

Issue 4/2013

Special Issue - Freedom of Expression of Minorities in the Digital Age

Guest editor: Tarlach McGonagle

Issue 3/2013

Special Issue - The High Commissioner on National Minorities 20 Years On

Guest editor:  Ugo Caruso

Issue 2/2013

Special Issue - New Perspectives for the Basque Country in a Post-Conflict Scenario

Guest editor: Eduardo Ruiz Vieytez

Issue 1/2013

Special Issue - Non-Territorial Autonomy in Theory and Practice


Issue 4/2012

Special Issue - Reconciliation in the Western Balkans: New Perspectives and Proposals

Guest editors: Antonija Petričušić & Cyril Blondel

Issue 3/2012

Special Issue - The Europeanization of Minority Issues in the Western Balkans

Guest editors: Florian Bieber & Vedran Džihić

Issue 2/2012

Special Focus - New Media
General Articles

Issue 1/2012

Special Issue - Minority Languages

Issue 1/2011

General Articles
Commentary on Contemporary Political Issues

Issue 2/2010

General Articles
Commentary on Contemporary Political Issues

Issue 1/2010

General Articles
Commentary on Contemporary Political Issues

Issue 2/2009

General Articles

Issue 1/2009

Special Issue - Civil War and Conflicts

Issue 1/2008

General Articles

Issue 2/2008

General Articles

Issue 1/2007

General Articles
Special Focus - Equal Opportunities for National Minorities

Issue 2/2007

General Articles
Special Focus - Minority Language Policy

Issue 1/2004

Special Issue - Europeanization and Conflict Resolution: Case Studies from the European Periphery

Issue 1/2003

Special Issue - EU Enlargement and Minority Rights

Issue 2/2003

Special Issue - The South Caucasus

Issue 3/2003

Special Issue - Reconceptualizing Autonomy in post-Communist Europe?

Issue 1/2002

Special Issue - The Ohrid Agreement and After

Issue 2/2002

Special Issue - EU Accession and the Division of Cyprus

Issue 3/2002

Special Issue - Developments in Non-Discrimination Legislation

Issue 4/2002

Special Issue - Will Kymlicka and Exporting Liberal Pluralism

Issue 1/2001

Special Issue - Romani Political Participation in Central and Eastern Europe

Issue 2/2001

General Articles

Issue 1/2000

General Articles

Issue 2/2000

General Articles


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