ENTAN is a COST Action aiming to examine comparatively and comprehensively the concept of non-territorial autonomy (NTA), in particular NTA arrangements for reducing inter-ethnic tensions within a state and for accommodation of the needs of different communities while preventing the calls to separate statehood. The Action will tackle recent developments in theories and practices of cultural diversity; minority rights (including linguistic and educational rights); state functions and sovereignty; conflict resolution through policy arrangements; policy making and inclusiveness; self-governance and autonomy. The main objective is to investigate the existing NTA mechanisms and policies and to develop new modalities for accommodation of differences in the context of growing challenges stemming from globalisation, regionalisation and European supranational integration. Along with issues related to culture and education of diverse groups within a nation state, and legal arrangements for recognition and practicing of separate identity, the Action will also focus on political strategies and policies that have potential to increase the autonomy of stateless nations and to empower cultural, ethnic and religious communities. The network is created upon agreed research activities, which include interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary group work, training and empowerment of young researchers, scientific conferences and publications, and dissemination of results to policy makers, CSOs and communities. The Action is proposed by scholars coming from ITCs and other EU countries. It is based on past experiences, the current state of affairs and extensive theoretical and practical knowledge, which ensures that the results and recommendations will be relevant across Europe.

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