Fatima Soualhi

Fatima joined the ECMI team as an intern in September 2020. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures (German and Brazilian Portuguese) from the University of Bologna and she is currently pursuing an Erasmus Mundus Master Degree in Euroculture at both Uppsala University and the University of Göttingen.

During her Bachelor studies, Fatima volunteered as an English tutor in the prison of Bologna. She assisted inmates enrolled in the University of Bologna in preparing English exams. During a gap year between her Bachelor and Master studies, she volunteered in a refugee centre in Brussels where she also taught English in private schools.

As part pf her internship at the ECMI, Fatima will work under the cluster Culture & Diversity. Her research project will focus on analyzing the Danish government initiative ‘One Denmark without Parallel Societies: No Ghettos in 2030’ from a postcolonial perspective. Fatima looks forward to gaining experience and deepening her knowledge in the field of culture and diversity management.

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