Jody Metcalfe

As a researcher at the ECMI, Jody is focused on the impacts of digital platforms and digitalisation on identity formation on ethnocultural and national minorities in Europe. Her research interests include cultural identity formation, identity construction, cultural representation theories, intersectionality, postcolonialism, transitional justice and processes of racialization. 

Jody is also a PhD Candidate at the Doctoral College for Intersectionality Studies/ Promotionskollegs für Intersektionalitätsstudien at Universität Bayreuth (Germany). Her previous studies were completed at the University of Cape Town (South Africa), from which she holds a MPhil in Justice and Transformation in Political Science funded and completed as a Cannon Collins Scholar, a BSocSci (Hons.) in Gender and Transformation from the African Gender Institute and a BSocSci in Political Science and Gender Studies. 

Before joining the ECMI, Jody worked as a Critical Race Theory Fellow at the African American Policy Forum (United States), as a researcher at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (South Africa) and in various teaching and consulting capacities at the University of Cape Town (South Africa). 

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