Mariana Jimsheladze-Buschhardt

+49 (0)4 61 14 14 9-80

Mariana Jimsheladze-Buschhardt holds a dual degree master programme (MA/MSc) from the University of Flensburg (Germany) and the Syddansk University (Denmark) in European Studies and BA in International Relations from the Tbilisi State University (Georgia).

At ECMI, Mariana is in charge as an ECMI Library Coordinator. Among her duties is the supervision of the ECMI Library collection at the Danish Central Library and responding to the inquiries of those interested in the ECMI collection in minority issues. 

Constructivism and realism, norms and power (soft, smart), security, and foreign policy, as well as right-wing populism, are in scope of her research interests. Mariana is also interested in border region studies, respectively she addressed this issue with her master thesis.

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