Murad Guliyev

Murad Guliyev was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, where he also got his bachelor's degree in International Relations. He then decided to explore Europe and completed his master's degree in European Studies at the Europa-Universität Flensburg. Currently, he is pursuing his second master's degree and is enrolled in the Nationalism Studies programme at Central European University. 

During his studies he was involved in several interesting organisations. He volunteered at the Youth Peace Camp of the Council of Europe as well as the International Youth Forum held in Russia. He did his first internship in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan where he assisted in research of assigned policy topics.

Murad believes his internship at the ECMI will be the first step for the realisation of his career ambitions related to the area of Nationalism Studies. At the ECMI, he is doing research on Crimean Tatars, investigating how neo-Stalinist frame plays a role in their current situation in Crimea and Ukraine. He is particularly interested in linking the historical treatment of the group and their present day agency and claims to indigenous peoples status. Murad also supports the work of the Conflict & Security Cluster. 

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