Rup Sunar

Rup Sunar is a researcher and human rights advocate. He has been working for Dalit rights for over a decade.

After graduating from the University, Rup realized that Dalits in Nepal continue to suffer from structural exploitation, discriminatory state and social institutions and lack of access to state resources/opportunities. Then he co-founded Dignity Initiative along with his other friends to promote Dalit rights through knowledge production, academic activism and policy interventions. His areas of interests include education, inclusion/exclusion, human rights, SDGs etc. He is also actively engaged in the international human rights mechanism to promote Dalit rights locally and globally. 

Sunar was the former fellow at the Office of United Nations High Commission for Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland. He also runs a weekly television talk show entitled social justice, and discusses contemporary socio-economic, political and cultural issues from Dalit's perspective and hold the state accountable towards them. At the ECMI, Rup will research cases of housing segregation and housing discrimination experienced by Roma communities, under the supervision of Dr. Andreea Carstocea.

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