Sonja Wolf

Sonja Wolf
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Sonja Wolf works as a part-time Researcher at the ECMI, primarily focusing on minority-majority relationships in the German-Danish border region. Her research interests are in minority empowerment processes, what these processes look like for different minorities and under which conditions such empowerment processes can be triggered and supported. Of particular interest are the role of Political Opportunity Structures and minority self-organisation and self-management in this regard.

Sonja Wolf holds a double Master’s degree in European Studies and Social Sciences from the Europa-Universität Flensburg and University of Southern Denmark and is pursuing a PhD, studying the role of minorities in the regional development of border regions under the supervision of Prof. Tove Malloy.

Selected publications

Journal Articles

Wolf, S. (2017). ‘Zur sozialen und politischen Lage der anerkannten nationalen Minderheiten in Deutschland’ in Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte (11-12), pp. 16-22.

Malloy, T. & Wolf, S. (2016). ‘Linguistic Minority Rights in the Danish-German Border Region: Reciprocity and Public Administration Policies’ in International Journal of Minority and Group Rights (23), pp. 485-504.

Wolf, S. (2015). ‘The Funding of Minority Organizations in Schleswig-Holstein: A Source of Empowerment?’ in Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe (3), pp. 27-46.

Wolf, S. (2015). ‛100% wert’ in Grenzfriedenshefte (1), pp. 65-72.

Wolf, S. (2014). ‛Die Finanzierung von Minderheitenorganisationen in der Grenzregion’ in Grenzfriedenshefte (2), pp. 107-112.

Book Chapters

Wolf, S. (2018). ‘Minority Empowerment’ in Tove Malloy and Caitlin Boulter (eds.) Contemporary Minority Issues: Recent Challenges, New Conceptual Approaches. Berlin: Frank & Timme).

Other publications

Wolf, S. (2020, forthcoming). ‘Germany’ in World Autonomies – Non-Territorial Autonomies.

Willis, C. & Wolf, S. (2018). 'Universal basic income as a tool of empowerment for minorities', ECMI Working Paper #109. Flensburg, Germany: European Centre for Minority Issues. 

Wolf, S. (2015). ‘Danish Minority Education in Schleswig-Holstein’, ECMI Working Paper #87. Flensburg, Germany: European Centre for Minority Issues.

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