The ECMI currently operates two regional representation offices in Kosovo and Ukraine which implement action-oriented projects in the field. 

ECMI Kosovo

The ECMI Kosovo is the principal non-government organization (NGO) engaged with the protection and promotion of the rights and interests of all minority communities in Kosovo.  With the overarching goal to contribute to developing an inclusive, democratic and stable  multi-ethnic society in Kosovo, the office has been active since 2004. ECMI Kosovo’s vision is a stable multi-ethnic Kosovo in which the human and minority rights of members from all communities are realised in line with domestic and international standards. With a view to contributing to this vision, ECMI Kosovo engages in a wide range of activities aimed at stabilising inter-ethnic relations and ensuring the effective implementation and functioning of the legal, policy and institutional framework for the protection and promotion of minority rights. 

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ECMI Ukraine

The ECMI has been now active in Ukraine for several years. The ECMI was able to found a significant cooperation with the Ministry of Culture in Ukraine and will continue the cooperation in the form of expert support and consultations.  An ECMI representative in Ukraine received a status of an observing member of the Expert Council of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine for Ethnopolitical Affaires which allows the ECMI to continue its work as an important monitoring and observing entity in the area of national minorities in Ukraine. It is the vision of the ECMI to continue its work in the promotion and protection of the rights of national minorities in Ukraine. The research focus includes mainstreaming in decentralisation, indigenous rights, IDPs’ rights, equality in education and the media. The team of the ECMI Ukraine Programme is based in Kyiv and assists with the implementation of projects, designing of new projects, and maintaining contacts to the authorities and the minority representatives. 

Learn more about our latest project in Ukraine:“Diversity Management for sustainable economic Development” 


Ukrainian representatives visit the ECMI in Flensburg

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