ECMI Summer School 2012

ECMI hosted 19 young scholars from 13 different countries for the NMBR Summer School 2012. The summer school took place between 6-13 September and gathered the distinguished scholars from different Universities in Europe.

Students had chance to attend the lectures from prominent practitioners and academics, as well as to participate in panel discussions and the social activities organized by ECMI.

The list of lectures is provided below:

Lectures and Panel Discussions of ECMI Summer School 2013

Keynote Lecture: National Minorities in Europe
Jennifer Jackson Preece, LSE

European Minority Rights Regime
David Galbreath, University of Bath

Minority Protection under the UN System
Ugo Caruso, ECMI

European Border Region Management
Tove Malloy, ECMI

The History of the Danish – German Border Region
Jørgen Kühl, Dansk Skoleforening for Sydslesvig e.V.

Keynote Lecture: Patterns of Territorial Self-Governance in Europe: Legacies, Violence and External Intervention
Stefan Wolff, University of Birmingham

Economy in the Border Region
Michael Schack, IHK

Culture and Media
John Petersen, ECMI

Panel discussion: Young People in Politics
Moderator: Tobias Koch, University of Kiel
The participants are representatives of local minority youth organisations from: Association of German North Schleswigians (BDN)
South Schleswigian Association (SSF)
South Schleswig Voting Association (SSW)
The Frisians
Schlesvig Party (SP)                                                                           
Sketching the Landscape of National Minorities and Border Regions
Martin Klatt, University of Southern Denmark

International Minority Mobilisation
Jan Diedrichsen, FUEN
Bosnia and Herzegovina/ Serbia/Croatia:US Foreign Policy in the Western Balkans since July 1995
Matthew Parish, Holman Fenwick Willan Switzerland LLP

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Attempts at Conflict Resolution between Abkhazia and Georgia
Forrest Kilimnik, ECMI

Kosovo/Serbia: Inclusive Citizenship in Divided Societies - The Case of the Serbs from the Northern Part of Kosovo
Andreea Udrea, ECMI

Addressing Intractable Environmental Conflicts: how training and research can provide an entry point for bringing minority communities into initiatives for solving problems, agreeing objectives and planning ways forward
Scott Jones, Mind the Gap Research and Training

Movie and discussion
Moderator: Ugo Caruso, ECMI
Guest speaker: Osama Salem, University of Flensburg

The Border Regions of Poland and Belarus and Poland and Lithuania
Hanna Vasilevich, ECMI

Slovenia and Its Borderlands: Living with the Borders
Jernej Zupančič, University of Ljubljana

Minority Participation
Annelies Verstichel, KU Leuven

The Limits of Minority Participation
Andreea Cârstocea, ECMI

Panel discussion: Minority Participation in the German-Danish Border Region
Moderator: Tove Malloy, ECMI
The participants are minority politicians from:
South Schleswig Voting Association (SSW)
Slesvig Party (SP)

Polish as a Minority Language in the Czech Republic
Tereza Blahoutová, Multicultural Centre Prague

Estonian and Russian Borderland
Alexander Osipov, ECMI

Hungary’s Kin-State Politics After 2010
Zoltán Kántor, Research Institute for Hungarian Communities Abroad

Language Rights
Federica Prina, ECMI

Continuity and Change in Autonomy Arrangements - The Åland Example
Sarah Stephan, The Åland Islands Peace Institute

The Autonomy of South Tyrol: from conflict to self-governance and power sharing
Sergiu Constantin, EURAC

Spain/France: Southern and Northern Basque Country
Francisco Letamendia, University of the Basque Country

Autonomy and Self-determination: The Forms of a Paradigm Shift
Ephraim Nimni, Queen's University Belfast                           

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