Current interns based at ECMI Flensburg office

Maria Ananchenkova (Russia)

Maria Ananchenkova is currently enrolled in Euroculture Master of Arts programme, studying for a joint degree from universities of Göttingen (Germany) and Groningen (the Netherlands). She received her first degree in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia. Her research interests include Europeanization and EU policy diffusion in Central and Eastern Europe, focusing on minority protection policies.

As an ECMI intern, Maria will be part of Eastern Partnership Programme team, assisting in organizing EPP seminars and conducting research on minority language use in Ukraine and Moldova, as well as on minority protection and representation policies in Belarus. She will be carrying out a research project on the mechanisms used within Eastern Partnership initiative to ensure minority rights protection as part of her degree.

Internship duration: October – December 


Katarina Budrik (Estonia)

Katarina comes from Tallinn, Estonia and is currently doing her Bachelor's degree in European Studies at the University of Southern Denmark, Sønderborg. Her academic interests are minority rights, identity formation and secessionist movements in Europe. As a member of Baltic Russian minority herself, Katarina has been active in promoting and preserving Estonian Russian culture, closely working with the Russian Museum of Estonia.

At the ECMI Katarina will be working as a research intern for the Eastern Partnership Programme under supervision of Hanna Vasilevich, Ph. D. Her main task is to monitor ethno-political developments in EPP countries, such as Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. During her internship Katarina will conduct a research relevant for her Bachelor thesis, which will be focused on memory politics of Estonia, especially the role that lieu de memoire can play in ethnical conflicts within the state.

Internship duration: September - November 2015


Madoka Hammine (Japan)

Madoka Hammine is currently enrolled at the Univerisity of Lapland (Finland), working on her PhD research project on minority language education in Sami languages in Finland and Ryukyuan languages in Japan. Her research interests include minority language education policy, language teachers' education, and identity constructions of minority language speakers. She holds a Master's degree in Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), from the Univerdity of Edinburgh (Scotland).

Her thesis is entitled "Role of Languages in Negotiation of Teacher's Identities in Multilingual Educational Settings - the cases of Scottish Gaelic Language in Scotland and Ryukyuan Languages in Okinawa -" (2013). She also holds a Bachelor's degree in Educational Psychology from the International Christian University (Japan).

At ECMI she works under a supervision of Dr. Zora Popova. While conducting her own research, she will be working for the ECMI research cluster on Culture & Diversity.

Internship duration: November 2015- January 2016


Raphaëlle Mathieu-Bédard (Canada)

Raphaëlle Mathieu-Bédard holds a Master’s degree in Political Theory from McGill University (Canada). Her thesis is entitled “Moral and practical grounds for secession – Reflections on the nation and the value of belonging” (2014). She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from the Université de Montréal.

Her academic research interests include minority rights and identity politics, nationalism and belonging, as well as the ethics of territorial and non-territorial autonomy arrangements for national minority groups.

At the ECMI, Raphaëlle will be conducting research under Dr. Alexander Osipov’s supervision for the Eastern Partnership Programme and within the Justice and Governance cluster.

Internship duration: October to December 2015.


Mari Yoshida (Japan)

Mari Yoshida is currently enrolled in Euroculture Master of Arts programme, studying for a joint degree from universities of Groningen (the Netherlands) and University of  Deusto (Spain). She received her first degree in Language and Culture from Osaka University, Japan. Her research interests include integration policies and “culturalisation” of political and public discourse on the immigration issues in Western European countries.

As an ECMI intern, Mari will be part of Culture and Diversity team, assisting in the ongoing research projects on the topics of Media & Diversity, Minority Rights in Education and Linguistic Diversity & Language Policies.

She will be carrying out a research project on the Dutch civic integration test and new inclusion and exclusion patterns it brings in the Dutch society as part of her degree.

Internship duration: November – January 


Current non-resident interns

Non-resident interns are not based at ECMI office, however, they assist ECMI Senior Researchers or project managers in various research related tasks. Current non-resident interns are involved in Media and Diversity project of the Cluster Culture and Diversity and the MMTE project.

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