Current interns and volunteers at ECMI Flensburg

Annika Borgert (Germany)

Annika Borgert recently graduated from the University of Southern Denmark (Denmark) with a thesis discussing the concept of dignity in the legal traditions of Brazil and Germany. She holds an MSSc in International Security and Law. During her graduate studies, Annika spent a semester at the University of Ottawa (Canada) following an MA in Public and International Affairs. During the last semester of her studies, she worked at a law firm specialized in immigration and asylum law in Liverpool (UK). Additionally, Annika is familiar with working at both, NGOs and universities.

Prior to that, Annika obtained a BA in European Studies from The Hague University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands) with a minor in International Law. As part of her undergraduate studies, she completed an Erasmus program at the University of Bifröst (Iceland) following a BSc in Business Administration and started working in the legal sector by completing an internship at a law firm in Birmingham (UK). Her thesis discussing the prohibition of female genital mutilation from a legal philosophical point of view was awarded best thesis by the Dr. E. Kruisinga-Fonds.

Being experienced from prior project work in manifold areas, Annika is currently working on a project initiated by Alan Barnes, Senior Fellow at the Centre for Security, Intelligence and Defence Studies at Carleton University (Canada), dedicated to exploring the history of strategic foreign intelligence assessment in Canada since 1945. Aside from security and intelligence, her research interests include law and legal, as well as linguistic, philosophy. Within ECMI, Annika will be working with Tamari Bulia as a communications intern.

Internship duration: July – September 2017


Buse Çeliker (Turkey)

Buse Çeliker is currently a master‘s student in M.A European Studies at the Europa Universität Flensburg (Germany). She is currently writing her MA Thesis that focuses on empowerment of Romani Women in FYR Macedonia. Before her M.A program, Buse obtained a degree in Translation and Interpretation in English, French and Turkish at İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey.

Buse has always been interested in women’s rights issues and her particular interest in minority issues started to develop with the lecture series ECMI conducted in partnership with the Europa Universität Flensburg in 2015-2016. Then she moved onto taking the course on the Minority Rights Regime that ECMI offers in partnership with the M.A European Studies Program at EUF.  With the background knowledge she obtained in the area, she decided to write her thesis on Romani women.

Other than women’s and minority rights, Buse is interested in human rights, diversity, gender equality, right and left wing populism and hate speech in the media especially in Turkey. While in ECMI, Buse will be working with Dr. Zora Popova on her thesis and she will also conduct several small research projects.

Internship duration: June - August 2017


Alex Peters (Ireland)

Alex Peters is a recent graduate of BA History and Political Science at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland). During his studies in Dublin he worked as an editor for the University paper as well as co-editing a student run international affairs magazine. He spent the third year of his degree on Erasmus studying at the University of Vienna in Austria. His studies focused around international relations and conflict along with modern 20th Century history. Having spent time teaching English in Hungary and Poland as well as travelling in Eastern Europe he has developed his interests in minority rights. His other political interests include global conflict and security along with European right-wing populism and hate speech.

His work at ECMI is around helping with the development Minority Map and Timeline of Europe (MMTE) project and further research into hate speech. He is planning on beginning a masters or another internship when his time in Flensburg is finished in September.

Internship duration: June - September 2017


Goran Todovic (Canada)

Goran Todorovic graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario with a Bachelor Arts Honours in Justice, Political Philosophy and Law. He is currently in the process of receiving a Master of Arts in European and Russian Affairs from the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto.

Goran's interests include international law, global governance, European integration, right wing populism and minority issues (particualrly in eastern Europe). Goran is especially interested in the regions that make up the former Yugoslavia and he is currently writing his Master's thesis on the Post Milosevic Period in Serbia, and Serbia's struggle to be accepted into the Europe Union.

At ECMI Goran is currently working on how countries legally define Romani within the Europe Union.

Internship Duration: June -September 2017


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