Current interns based at ECMI Flensburg office

Dimitar Shadoura (Bulgaria)

Dimitar has a Bachelor degree in Politics, from Coventry University in the United Kingdom. He is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in European Studies at the University of Flensburg. His Master’s Thesis focuses on the role of immigration and xenophobia in the outcome of the UK’s EU Referendum held in 2016.

The areas he is also interested are construction of national identity, far-right and populism, democracy in post-communist Europe, media freedom and pluralism. He has participated in several projects related to human rights, the the European Union as a global player, and democracy in the EU.

At the ECMI, Dimitar is working in the Culture and Diversity cluster under the supervision of Dr Zora Popova.  He is working on а research focused on the different laws and practices in the European countries, which guarantee the language rights of the national minorities. He is also helping the organization of the project `Teaching in Diversity`. 

Internship duration: November 2016 - January 2017


Lea Thomsen (Germany)

Lea is a 3rd semester student of the dual degree programme at the University of Southern Denmark and Europa-Universität Flensburg: BA International Management and BSc International Business and Modern Languages. Lea was attracted by this dual degree bachelor programme because of her great interest in different cultures and the partnership programme with Denmark. 

Previously she studied English in Cape Town. Her interest in cultures is based on her experience in South Africa where she lived in a culturally and religiously different host family. Cape Town, known as one of the most multicultural cities worldwide, has shown her the amazing variety of cultures and languages, but also its problems.

 At the ECMI, Lea is a communications intern, assisting Tamari Bulia (ECMI communications and Outreach Coordinator) in implementing the ECMI communications strategy and preparing the ECMI annual report. 

Internship Duration: November 2016 - January 2017


Myrthe de Vlieger (the Netherlands)

Myrthe is a student at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, where she is currently pursuing an MA degree in Management of Cultural Diversity. The Frans Seda Foundation selected her for a scholarship to conduct her Master’s thesis in Indonesia. Her research focuses on Indonesia’s religious diversity management in education. A case study at a Junior High School in Maluku, attended by Islamic pupils and pupils of the indigenous minority group Nuaulu, provides insight into the possible effects that the country’s religious diversity management has on the freedom of religion in education.

Myrthe’s international experience has strongly contributed to her interest in cultural diversity. Besides the Netherlands and Indonesia, she has resided in Egypt, China, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. Her main interest is to combine the fields of cultural diversity and human rights.

Myrthe is an intern at the Culture and Diversity Research Cluster of ECMI. Her main responsibility is to assist Dr. Zora Popova in the launch of a new EU project called Teaching in Diversity.

Internship duration: November 2016 - January 2017


Current non-resident interns

Non-resident interns are not based at ECMI office, however, they assist ECMI Senior Researchers or project managers in various research related tasks. Current non-resident interns are involved in Media and Diversity project of the Cluster Culture and Diversity and the MMTE project.

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