Current interns based at ECMI Flensburg office

Elisabeth Brennen (USA)

Elisabeth is entering her final year of undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan, studying International Studies and Political Science. Her course of study is focused on political economy and development in a global context, as well as specifically within Europe. In addition, she studies Spanish, Swedish and French.

Elisabeth's interests include European and American politics, and refugee and migrant issues. Next fall, she will complete her Bachelor's Honors thesis focusing on comparative Scandinavian refugee integration programs.

As an intern at the ECMI, she will be assisting the projects within the Culture & Diversity section under the supervision of Dr. Zora Popova, and edit communications and outreach material for the Centre.

Internship duration: May - July 2016


Frank Hopwood (Argentina/The Netherlands)

Frank is currently studying Minorities and Multilingualism at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. He previously attended courses of the Bachelor of Communication Studies at the Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Frank is interested in the role of culture in political processes, power relations between majorities and minorities, the tension between group and individual rights, minority languages, processes of resignification (e.g. positive use of derogatory terms), countercultural movements and the tension between liberty and equality.

As an intern at the ECMI, he will be doing research on hate speech online, under the supervision of Senior Research Associate Dr. Raul Carstocea.

Internship duration: June-August 2016


Giuseppe Scirocco (Italy)

Giuseppe Scirocco has recently graduated from the University of Nottingham’s LLM Programme on Human Rights Law. He also holds a Master’s Degree of Law from the University of Naples ‘Federico II’ and a Master in Diplomatic Studies from the Italian Society for International Organization (SIOI).

Before joining the European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI), Giuseppe interned at Advocates for International Development (A4ID), a global charity that aims to ensure that legal support is available for all those involved in the fight against poverty and that lawyers and development organisations have the skills and knowledge to use the law as an effective development tool.

Giuseppe’s research interests include international human rights and humanitarian law topics, minority and refugee issues, and international cooperation mechanisms. As an intern at ECMI, he will be working on the ongoing project on dual citizenship and minorities, under the supervision of the Director of the Centre, Prof. Dr. Tove Hansen Malloy.

Internship duration: April - June 2016


Marco Torresin (Italy)

Marco holds a bachelor degree in International Sciences of Diplomacy at the Trieste University, where in his bachelor thesis he focused on Hungarian history and the Hungarian minorities in central Europe. Currently he is enrolled at the MA European Studies Programme at the Europa-Universität Flensburg. He is at the moment working on his master thesis with a focus on the differences existing among extreme right populist parties around Europe.

Marco is interested in European politics, European contemporary history,constitutionalism, populism, euroscepticism and ethnic and historic minorities around Europe.

As an intern in ECMI, he is doing a research on populism in Italy and how it affects some of the historical minorities present in the Italian territory (German, Slovenian and Friulan). He is also working with the MMTE Project focusing on the historical minorities in Italy and the Italian minority in Slovenia.

Internship duration: June-August 2016


Mircea Tebrean (Romania)

Mircea Tebrean has Master Degree in Public Policy and Public Management with a thesis on the recruitment and careers of political elite in central public institutions in Romania after 89. Beforehand, he obtained a Bachelor Degree in Political Science at „Alexandru Ioan Cuza“ University Iasi, Romania.

His sphere of interest is related to ethnic minorities in communist period in Romania, freedom of speech and constitutionalism.

At the ECMI Mircea is assisting in organizing the ECMI Summer School 2016.

Internship duration: April-June 2016


Current non-resident interns

Non-resident interns are not based at ECMI office, however, they assist ECMI Senior Researchers or project managers in various research related tasks. Current non-resident interns are involved in Media and Diversity project of the Cluster Culture and Diversity and the MMTE project.

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