Guest Editors

Scholars wishing to publish a Special Issue in JEMIE are welcome to submit their proposals to the Editor. The proposal should include a brief description of the main topic covered by the Special Issue, a preliminary list of authors, as well as the titles and 250-words abstracts of their proposed articles.

Once the Special Issue has been deemed suitable for publication in the Journal, the Guest Editors are expected to undertake the following steps:

  • Identify and invite further authors, if so requested by the Editor
  • Identify relevant books whose review could be included in the Special Issue, as well as a minimum of two potential reviewer for each book. The editorial team will contact the reviewers and manage the publication of the book reviews.
  • Carry out an initial review of the articles submitted and assess readiness for peer-review
  • Identify a minimum of three potential peer-reviewers for each article and communicate their names and contact details to the editorial team. Once the article has been submitted, the editorial team will manage the manage the peer review process.
  • Provide the running order of articles and an Introduction to the special issue.
  • Help with dissemination activities of the special issue and of the individual articles.

Please note that articles included in Special Issues are subject to the same Journal policies and ethical principles as all articles published in JEMIE.