Analysis of the Systems for Representation of Minorities in Public Administration

The Case of the Republic of North Macedonia


  • Natalija Shikova International Balkan University (IBU)
  • Marina Andeva University American College Skopje



public administration; quota system; employment; ethnic communities; consociationalism


The paper analyses the implementation of the principle of equitable representation in North Macedonia. It examines existing consociational theory and the elements of consociationalism. It attempts to answer the question whether the theory supports the adequate representation of minorities in respect of the promotion and protection of their rights. The focus of the paper is on the instrument called “Balancer calculator” (балансер калкулатор) – an instrument used to set employment thresholds in the public administration in North Macedonia. This instrument strives towards the principles of equitable representation, set within the Constitution and the Ohrid Framework Agreement, additionally regulated by the relevant law and bylaws. In practice, this instrument is used to balance representation of the ethnic communities in public administration and to improve their position in general. The paper gives a critical approach to the implementation process since the tool is not adequately set or implemented. These come from its abuse as a purely calculative instrument, putting the numbers of the represented groups in first place, apart from the need of merit–based requirements; its inability to address the needs of smaller ethnic communities; and its ambiguity and irrelevance coming from the non-existent legal clarification of the communities’ identity markers. The paper does not offer options, but it opens discussion upon these questions whose answers may help towards the creation and establishment of more relevant policies for representation of minorities within public sector.




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Shikova, N., & Andeva, M. (2023). Analysis of the Systems for Representation of Minorities in Public Administration: The Case of the Republic of North Macedonia. Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe, 22(1), 94–125.