Research projects

  • Past in the present: the impact of history on ethnic politics in Poland

To explore the patterns of increasing ethnic minority groups’ presence in the national public spheres, this project undertakes a qualitative analysis of the types of claims put forward by minority groups. Focusing on Poland and drawing on the claims-analysis method, the project examines the patterns and content of minorities’ arguments and the claims’ embeddedness in national history, culture and the current sociopolitical situation. The project aims at gaining a deeper insight into the struggles to establish the content of Polish collective memory and into minority-majority relations in general.

  • Ethnic transnational mobilization

This project explores ethnic minorities’ involvement in activities that cut across state boundaries. It draws upon a burgeoning transnational networks literature that suggests that embeddedness in transnational ties carries broad implications for members of ethnic groups. On the whole, the project will shed light on the role played by minorities’ transnational involvement in enhancing their political and social participation on the domestic ground.

  •   The impact of regional integration processes on minorities’ action

This project explores the ways in which political and cultural institutional changes shape ethnic agency in diverse national settings. It examines how the accelerating processes of regional integration impact upon ethnic groups’ political and cultural opportunities for action.

  •  New social media and minorities

This project focuses on the types of new media that ethnic minorities seize on, examines how these media are used and what implications the usage of new social media carries for ethnic minorities, their social, economic and political integration, and for the society as a whole. The project’s broader aim is to observe whether the usage of digital media facilitates domestic and global activism, triggers the creation of broad social networks and provokes changes in ethnic organizations.

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