Guest Researchers

At the ECMI, we are excited to welcome guest researchers who share our passion for advancing scientific knowledge. Our commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse research environment drives us to open our doors to talented individuals from around the world.


Guest Researchers with Their Own Funding:

We invite guest researchers with their own travel funds and daily allowances to collaborate with us. Our aim is to facilitate your research journey and provide you with an enriching experience at the ECMI. Your unique perspective and expertise contribute to the vibrancy of our scientific community. For general information on the guest researcher opportunities at the ECMI, please contact Maj-Britt R. Hansen.


Coming Soon: ECMI Fellowship Programme:

While we currently do not offer fellowships, we are actively working on developing our own fellowship programme. Our vision is to create opportunities for researchers from disadvantaged groups to access our resources and expertise. Stay tuned for updates on this initiative, as we strive to promote diversity and inclusivity in our research community.

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