Maj-Britt Risbjerg Hansen

Maj-Britt Risbjerg Hansen
+49 (0)4 61 14 14 9-15

Maj-Britt Risbjerg Hansen graduated from the Southern Denmark School of Business and Engineering, Sonderburg.

Prior to ECMI tenure, she worked as a trilingual commercial correspondent and other positions in several countries including Switzerland and the United States. Her main tasks at the ECMI are to assist the academic staff in organizing international conferences, research meetings and seminars. She coordinates ECMI public events and provides support to senior management in funding matters, relations with European governments, international organizations, NGOs and other key actors’ involved in minority issues.

Maj-Britt Risbjerg Hansen also manages the ECMI Internship Programme, which enables to bring up to 20 master and Ph.D. students from number of countries in Europe and America per year to advance their knowledge and experience in minority related issues in an international research institution.

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