Conflict & Security

The Conflict and Security Cluster research focuses on the links between minority issues, conflict and security, with the aim to identify and prevent security threats in ethnically and culturally diverse contexts and to reduce conflict emergence.  

The Cluster works on human security, minority rights and protection, as well as competing discourses of conflict in the new era security challenges. Our research aims to approach contemporary challenges faced by minority groups in a novel way and to strengthen our understanding of their agency and broader power dynamics in diverse societies.

Special focus in 2020:

The cluster research will focus on improving our understanding of current security discourses among minority communities, and how they determine group relations with majorities in shared societies in Europe. Inter-group relations are often challenging and volatile, which results either in securitisation of minorities or of the group relation, neither of which is beneficial for the societies they share. Based on different case studies, to include post-war, conflict and non-conflict countries, this research will aim to answer the main question: Do minorities feel insecure in Europe and factors contribute to this perception.

The roots of conflict in ethnically and culturally diverse contexts can often be traced back to the history of groups inhabiting a certain territory, which is often manipulated by nationalist interpretations that emphasise divisiveness and antagonism. These conditions often persist i post-war societies, which results in boundaries between minority and majority groups and leading to reoccurrence of conflict. In the coming year the cluster research aims to bring new insights about post-war dynamics in shared and divided societies and how it feeds to cycles of violence using case studies of Ukraine and the Balkans.


Expert Workshop (7th of November 2019)



***ECMI Minorities Blog: Why the States Fail to Secure Their Minorities: Securitisation and Minority Rights ***

Head of Cluster

Dr. Marika Djolai

Senior Researcher

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