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Multidisciplinary exchanges about challenges faced by communities across the world. It is research-led and engages critically with public policies and laws that offer protection of minorities and their crosscutting relevance. Please note that the Issue Brief format is replaced by the ECMI Minorities Blog. Editors: Dr. Sergiusz Bober and Dr. Andreea Cârstocea

National Minority Capital: Introducing the New ConceptZora Popova2019-10-10
The FCNM at 20: Is There Indeed a Crisis? Dr. Ljubica Djordjević 2018-12-21
National Minorities and Socioeconomic Equality: Still Work in Progress Dr. Andreea Cârstocea2018-12-20
Building Bridges Within and Across Diverse Societies: The Role of States Dr. Zora Popova2018-12-18
Moldova: Four Priorities for Mainstreaming Minority RightsDr. Anita McKinna2018-02-20
Ukraine: Four pathways to sustainable ethno-cultural governance Prof. Dr. Tove H. Malloy2017-10-09
Україна: чотири шляхи до сталого управління етнокультурною різноманітністюTove H. Malloy 2017-10-09
Minority rights governance: Avoiding the pitfalls of equal treatment when budgeting for educationProf. Dr. Tove H. Malloy2016-04-08
Minority women’s hard choices when seeking redress for multiple discriminationProf. Dr. Tove H. Malloy2015-10-15
Instigations of Separatism in the Baltic StatesMindaugas Kuklys and Raul Cârstocea2015-06-23
'Roma' Policy Making: Key Challenges and Possible SolutionsZora Popova2015-01-09
What next for Moldova's minorities after Crimea?Federica Prina2014-07-14
What do the Crimean Tatars face in Crimea?Alexander Osipov2014-04-30
The Situation of Roma between Human Rights and EconomicsEben Friedman2014-03-20
Beyond the (Non) Definition of MinorityJennifer Jackson-Preece2014-02-18
Changing the Angle: Does the Notion of Non-Territorial Autonomy Stand on Solid Ground?Alexander Osipov2013-07-02
Beyond the Limits of Multiculturalism : The Role of Europe's Traditional MinoritiesDr. Tove H. Malloy2013-07-01
Self-determination and national minorities: the difficulties of 'making' a referendum in Schleswig-Holstein and why to think twice in KosovoTove H. Malloy2012-09-11
A resolvable frozen conflict? Designing a Settlement for TransnistriaStefan Wolff2011-11-10
Cyprus – Should the UN withdraw?Jan Asmussen 2011-04-20
National Minorities in the 21st Century Europe: new discourses, new narratives?Tove H. Malloy2010-12-01
Convergence in European Policy Making: What do Article 15 (FCNM) and the EU Regional Policy have in common?Tove H. Malloy2010-12-01
The Recent Flow of Asylum-Seekers from Georgia to PolandJenny Thomsen2009-12-01
A Way Out? Initial Steps Towards Addressing Romani Issues in GeorgiaGiorgi Sordia2009-05-01
Economic Exclusion of Ethnic Minorities: Indicators and Measurement ConsiderationsTim Dertwinkel2008-12-01
Economic Exclusion of Ethnic Minorities: On the Importance of Concept SpecificationTim Dertwinkel2008-12-01
Language Loss and the Ethnic Identity of MinoritiesUlrike Schmidt2008-11-01
Ethnic Data Collection: The Case of the Civil Service in Eastern EuropeOleh Protsyk and Konstantin Sachariew2008-02-01
Reciprocity or the Higher Ground? The Treatment of Ethnic Russians in Georgia After the "Spy Scandal" of 2006David Szakonyi2008-02-01
The Economic Dimension of Minority Participation in EuropeWheatley, Jonathan2007-02-01
The Aspect of Culture in Promoting Social Inclusion in the European Union: Is the Open Method of Co-ordination (OMC) Working for Ethnic Minorities?Tove H. Malloy2005-09-01
The Lisbon Strategy and Ethnic Minorities: Rights and Economic Growth.Tove H. Malloy2005-04-01
A New Challenge for Kosovo’s Emerging Democracy. November 2004.Zeqiri, Adrian2004-11-01
Cyprus after the failure of the Annan-PlanAsmussen, Jan2004-06-01
Violence in Kosovo and the Way AheadSchenker, Harald2004-03-01
The Spectre of Territorial Division and the Ohrid AgreementFriedman, Eben2003-06-01
The Instrumentalization of Minorities in the Montenegrin Dispute over Independence Bieber, Florian2002-03-01
Constitutional Reform and the 'Spirit' of Bosnia and HerzegovinaPerry, Valery2002-02-01
Armenian Minority in Georgia: Defusing Interethnic TensionSabanadze, Natalie2001-07-01
Croat Self-Government in Bosnia - A Challenge for Dayton?Bieber, Florian2001-05-01
Testing MacedoniaDaftary, Farimah2001-03-01
Communists of Moldova and the Future of the Country's Ethnopolitical ConflictsJaerve, Priit2001-03-01
Language Policy in Multilingual Switzerland - Overview and Recent DevelopmentsGrin, François1999-03-01
Ethnopolitical Conflicts in Eastern Europe and the OSCE - An Interim AppraisalTroebst, Stefan1998-07-01

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