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Ukraine: Four pathways to sustainable ethno-cultural governance
Prof. Dr. Tove H. Malloy
European Centre for Minority Issues
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Reform is a word that is used frequently with respect to the democratic transformation of Ukraine following the change of regime after the manifestations and demonstrations in the Maidan square around the change of the year 2013/14. Unfortunately, very few analysts consider ethno-cultural governance and national minority protection important aspects of the reform efforts. Establishing permanent and functioning inter-ethnic structures receives little attention, except in the small circle of human rights defenders. Although a breakout of inter-ethnic tensions is on everybody’s mind, establishing lasting legal and political institutions for stable and peaceful inter-ethnic relations remains absent from most of the international debate on the future of Ukraine. Indeed, it has been argued that reforms with high relevance for the country’s future, such as territorial and administrative reforms have been largely ‘ethnically neutral.’ This Issue Brief discusses four pathways towards sustainable ethno-cultural governance and stable inter-ethnic relations in Ukraine and proposes institutionalized and open dialogue as well as awareness campaigns as a cross-cutting tool to avert tension.  

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