The conference room at the ECMI is the heart of the research centre which has its home in a time-honoured building, named “Kompagnietor”, located directly on the harbour of Flensburg. The Kompagnietor was originally built in 1602, and since 1851 was the home of Flensburg`s shipping guild. The guild`s purpose was to bring relatives and wives of seaman families together to support each other in difficult times or when the father/husband was at sea for several months.

The shipping guild, together with the respective municipal official, was responsible for the weighing of the freshly delivered goods and the collection of the demurrage fee from the arriving ships. The old conference room, possessing a beautiful view of the harbour, served as a venue for numerous dance balls and meetings of the shipper guild. Since 1878 the conference room was the home of the sea court.

In 1996, the ECMI moved in to Kompagnietor and ever since then the team of the ECMI uses the conference room for meetings, workshops and presentations. 

Getting married in the conference room

Since 2011, the room has been available to be rented by bridal couples and for other events broadly related to mission of the ECMI. Up to 30 wedding guests fit into the conference room. Serving of champagne is possible but needs to be organised by the respective tenant. Please note that the venue is not accessible for wheelchairs. 

To book the conference room and for further inquiries, get in touch with Maj-Britt Risbjerg Hansen (hansen@ecmi.de). Rental fee: 150,00 Euro (payable to the ECMI). The ECMI possesses 3 parking spaces on site, plus there are additional parking spaces (subject to a fee) by the harbour, on the opposite side of the street.

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