Routledge Advances In Minority Studies

Series editors:

Dr. Stavroula Pipyrou (University of St Andrews) and

Dr. Kyriaki Topidi (European Centre for Minority Issues)

Routledge Advances in Minority Studies (RAMS) provides a platform for outstanding state-of-the-art research on interdisciplinary and intersectional understandings of minorities, globally. Monographs and edited volumes in the series advance scholarly and practitioner insights from anthropology, history, law, politics, sociology, and beyond. The series foregrounds pluralism and diversity of both authors and subjects of study, with a particular focus on emerging fields and marginalized voices.

Under the editorial supervision of Dr Stavroula Pipyrou and Dr Kyriaki Topidi, the series aims to become a primary source for students, scholars and practitioners in minority studies while presenting authors with a valuable means to reach a wide and growing readership.


For more information on this series, including details on submitting a proposal, please contact:

Alison Kirk
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Kyriaki Topidi

Senior Researcher

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