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ECMI Welcomes Researchers Affected by the War in Ukraine

The ECMI announces its readiness to host academics and scholars displaced by the war in Ukraine. / Європейський центр з питань меншин (ЄЦПМ) висловлює готовність стати приймаючою організацією для українських дослідників/-ниць та вчених з науковим ступенем, які постраждали унаслідок війни в Україні. 

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ECMI Minorities Blog. The Response of International Organisations and Roma Civil Society to the Plight of Ukraine's Roma Refugees in Europe

Olha Sribniak

The Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine has triggered the unprecedent human displacement crisis with more than 13 million individuals uprooted from their homes. It is estimated that among 5,7 million people who fled abroad, at least 100,000 belong to Roma minority – one of the most vulnerable and marginalized minority groups. In this blog entry, the author examines how the international institutions and Roma civil society organisations stepped in to support Roma refugees and combat discrimination in their accessing rights and resources granted to those fleeing the war in Ukraine.

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ECMI Launches New Regional Cluster and Appoints New Senior Researcher

The ECMI is pleased to announce the opening of a sixth research cluster in September 2022 focusing on German-Danish minority issues. The initiative will help to anchor the ECMI further in the study and promotion of regional, cross-border minority affairs.

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ECMI Minorities Blog. Ukraine’s National Minorities Trapped by the War: The Cases of Ethnic Romanians and Hungarians

Kateryna Haertel

In this blog entry, the author continues looking into the effects of the war against Ukraine on its minority communities, by highlighting the cases of two minorities with traditional residence areas in the western part of the country - ethnic Romanians and Hungarians. The author concludes that both minorities, either through the engagement of their civil society, religious, and educational institutions or individuals, have become a well-integrated part of an overall civil society architecture in western Ukraine emerging during the war. Moreover, all-Ukrainian civic identity features prominently in relation to both communities. 

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