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ECMI Minorities Blog: The Impact of COVID-19 on Roma Communities in Non-EU Countries in Eastern Europe

The ECMI and the University of Leicester implemented the joint research  project ‘Marginality on the Margins of Europe – The Impact of COVID-19 on Roma Communities in Non-EU Countries in Eastern Europe’. In this blog piece, authors present preliminary findings from the research, which show disproportionate negative impact of COVID-19 on Roma communities in all major areas of life (education, healthcare, employment, and housing) throughout the seven countries analysed.

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ECMI at State Parliament of Schleswig-Holstein

On Wednesday, 30 October 2020, the ECMI Director Vello Pettai and Senior Researcher Ljubica Djordjević paid a visit to the State Parliament of Schleswig-Holstein. The ECMI was invited to participate in the meeting of the Committee for European Affairs (Committee for Federal and European Affairs, Cooperation in the Baltic Sea and North Sea Area, and Minorities).

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Minority language media and the COVID-19 pandemic – the case of Frisian in the Netherlands: An Interview with Onno Falkena.

Returning to a non-kin state setting for our eighth interview in the ongoing series, Onno Falkena details the case of Frisian in the Netherlands. A seasoned journalist for regional public broadcaster Omrop Fryslân in the province of Fryslân / Friesland, Onno is well-positioned to provide first-hand experience of the situation during the lockdown months earlier this year.

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ECMI Minorities Blog: A silent response from Central Asia about human- and minority rights violations in Xinjiang

Concerns about large-scale human and minority rights violations the Chinese state is continuously inflicting on the Uyghurs and other Muslim minority groups are reported on almost daily bases across the world. Despite such developments, Central Asian states prefer to maintain positive relations with China, instead of confronting it over the human- and minority rights situation in Xinjiang. This blog piece aims to answer what the reasons behind their silent response are.

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