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ECMI Welcomes Researchers Affected by the War in Ukraine

The ECMI announces its readiness to host academics and scholars displaced by the war in Ukraine. / Європейський центр з питань меншин (ЄЦПМ) висловлює готовність стати приймаючою організацією для українських дослідників/-ниць та вчених з науковим ступенем, які постраждали унаслідок війни в Україні. 

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ECMI Minorities Blog. Indigenous Peoples and National Minorities in the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine

Mykhailo Drapak

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched an offensive against Ukraine simultaneously in the north, east and south of the country. Thus, Russian troops expanded their temporary occupation of Ukrainian territories, which began in 2014. Millions of Ukrainian citizens, including indigenous peoples and national minorities, found themselves in the temporarily occupied territories. Residents of those regions are suffering a lack of food, utilities and medical care, and live under the pressure of the Russian troops, namely are deprived of the right to express their opposition to the invasion by detaining, intimidating, torturing and executing. Under such conditions, the usual policy of diversity management is reduced to the struggle for the life of every citizen. This blog piece is dedicated to the current situation in the temporarily occupied regions of Ukraine inhabited by the communities of indigenous peoples and national minorities.

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ECMI Minorities Blog. Disinformation, Digital Nationalism and the Hungarian Minority in Ukraine

Krisztina Lajosi

The Hungarian minority in Ukraine living mainly in the region of Transcarpathia (Zakarpattia Oblast) has not yet been directly exposed to the horrors of the war. However, roughly since 2014, it has been targeted by online propaganda and disinformation serving the interests of the Kremlin in both Russian and Hungarian media. Several studies have demonstrated how the right-wing media supporting the Hungarian government have come increasingly under Russian influence either directly by translating pieces from Russian media outlets, or indirectly by channeling the talking points of the Kremlin. This digital propaganda has merged with the offline diffusion of ideologies supporting the illiberal democracy that Viktor Orbán declared official policy in Hungary in his infamous speech from 2014. This blog post explores the intricate web of nationalisms that influence  political opinions among the Hungarian minority in Ukraine.

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Support for Participation of Students Fleeing Conflict Zones in 12th Annual Summer School

The ECMI is committed to working for the improvement of the situation of Europe’s minorities and ensuring participation of the disadvataged groups and scholars. Therefore, the ECMI and the Coppieters Foundation decided to support the participation of three persons forced to flee conflict zones in the 12th Annual Summer School on National Minorities in Border Regions.

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