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ECMI Welcomes Researchers Affected by the War in Ukraine

The ECMI announces its readiness to host academics and scholars displaced by the war in Ukraine. / Європейський центр з питань меншин (ЄЦПМ) висловлює готовність стати приймаючою організацією для українських дослідників/-ниць та вчених з науковим ступенем, які постраждали унаслідок війни в Україні. 

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The First Touring Exhibition on Minorities Is Now in Flensburg

The exhibition has been initiated by the Minorities Secretariat in Berlin. In early summer this year, it was presented at the German federal parliament and has since been touring within the country. Now it can be seen in the library of the Europa Universität Flensburg for the next six weeks. Yesterday evening, (Nov.10, 22) the exhibition formally opened. Assoc. Prof. Martin Klatt, Head of the Danish-German Minority Issues Research Cluster at the ECMI,  gave an opening lecture.

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ECMI Minorities Blog. Romanians and Moldovans in Ukraine and their kin states’ engagement before and after the war – towards a triadic partnership for effective minority protection?

Sergiu Constantin

Ukraine recognizes Romanian and Moldovan as distinct minority languages, even though the official language of the Republic of Moldova is Romanian. This distinction between Romanian and Moldovan is not merely a symbolic matter, it has practical, negative consequences for members of the minority communities concerned. Since the 1990s, Ukrainian-Romanian relations have been affected by mutual distrust rooted in historical resentments, stereotypes, and prejudice at the level of both political elites and the general public. Moldova and Ukraine have experienced ups and downs in their bilateral relations due to the complex geopolitical context and growing Russian interference. The ongoing Russian war against Ukraine has had a strong impact on Moldova and Romania as well as on their kin minority communities in Ukraine. This war marks a turning point in history. It has caused tectonic shifts in global affairs, in the Euro-Atlantic community, and in national politics and interstate relations. Ukraine, Romania, and Moldova can turn the ongoing crisis into an opportunity to reset their (dysfunctional) bilateral relations. It is high time for a paradigm shift towards a new, enhanced triadic partnership which is able to ensure an effective system of minority protection.

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Changes to the ECMI Executive Board

In early November, the ECMI Executive Board will hold its regular autumnal meeting, which will feature a number of changes in the Board’s composition due to rotations and replacements.


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