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Call for Papers: International Workshop on the Law of Diversity

We are inviting submissions of abstracts for the international workshop titled "The Law of Diversity: New Theoretical and Practical Perspectives on Diversity Accommodation for Minority Groups." This event will take place from 30 September to 1 October 2024 at the ECMI in Flensburg, Germany. Please submit your abstracts by 15 June 2024.

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ECMI Minorities Blog. Patterns of Immigrants’ Political Participation in Rural Italy

Giorgia Zogu

Democracy aims to alleviate social inequalities and provide equitable public decision-making for all. Ensuring immigrant citizens have equal political opportunities is vital for a stable democracy. This blog post explores how the openness of immigration laws impacts political participation, considering the influence of the local context on rural immigrant political participation. Focusing on three Italian regions, it employs a comparative study of nine rural municipalities. Political associations in rural areas differ from those in urban settings, emphasizing social networks, family ties, volunteerism, and religious affiliations. The article draws its data from a comprehensive approach, utilizing legal documents and semi-structured interviews with mayors, politically-active immigrants, associations, and clergymen. The article addresses the intricate dynamics of political participation in rural areas, shedding light on immigrants' engagement beyond conventional participation forms.

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ECMI Minorities Blog.The Bicommunal Technical Committees in Cyprus: A Rare Example of ‘Engagement without Recognition’

Nasia Hadjigeorgiou

This post focuses on the bicommunal Technical Committees in Cyprus which, it argues, are rare instances of successful ‘Engagement without Recognition’ between a parent and a de facto state. They are, in other words, instances of cooperation between a non-internationally recognised entity and the internationally recognised state from which it attempted to secede. The post sheds light on the Technical Committees by explaining how and why they were established, and in what way they can be understood as examples of ‘Engagement without Recognition’. It offers examples of successful projects that were implemented by the Technical Committees and identifies lessons we can learn from their experiences to date, which can also be useful in other frozen conflict contexts around the world.

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ECMI at the Annual Conference of the British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies (BASEES)

Researcher Craig Willis organised and chaired a Roundtable on Kin-state Minorities and Media Consumption. He also presented an individual paper on Football Clubs and Kin-States. ECMI’s post-doctoral researcher, Elmira Muratova, was also present in Cambridge. She organised and chaired a panel on Ukraine's Minorities at War.

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