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ECMI sees human diversity as a European heritage and cultural pluralism as a great asset. Aiming to facilitate respect for diversity in all aspects of society, ECMI is committed to work for the improvement of the situation of Europe’s minorities through heightened awareness of minority rights and minority issues among all relevant actors. Realizing the immense scope of societal and global challenges of the 21st Century, ECMI’s specific purpose is to provide actors with new knowledge and tool-kits that empower and equip them to mitigate differences and exchange views through constructive dialogue about how to build a peaceful and diverse Europe.

Drawing on the synergy between standards, research and action, the European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) is Europe’s leading institution to implement the roadmap for minority protection and empowerment.

The ECMI is based in the German-Danish border area and occupies an historic building in the centre of Flensburg. It conducts practice and policy-oriented research, provides information and documentation, and offers advisory services concerning minority-majority relations in Europe.

The ECMI was founded in 1996 by the governments of Denmark, Germany and Schleswig-Holstein. It is an independent and inter-disciplinary institution which draws upon an international core staff, supplemented by a number of non-resident Senior Research Associates from all over Europe and beyond.

The Centre also maintains active relations with other academic institutions and NGOs involved in conflict resolution and inter-ethnic relations and engages in collaborative projects in these fields.

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