The ECMI has extensive cooperation with multiple partners across Europe and beyond. It is in ongoing communication with its circle of partners and experts.


  • ENTAN (European Non-Territorial Autonomy Network)
    ENTAN i​​​​​​s a COST Action aimed at examining the concept of non-territorial autonomy (NTA). ENTAN particularly focuses on NTA arrangements for reducing inter-ethnic tensions within a state and on the accommodation of the needs of different communities while preventing calls to separate statehood.
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  • Minority Competence Network of Schleswig-Holstein and Southern Denmark
    The Network has been spearheaded by the Commissioner for National Minority Affairs in Schleswig-Holstein, Johannes Callsen, as a project development forum for the entire German-Danish region. The Network operates as an independently registered entity, and will propose projects and activities for supporting national minorities the Northern and Southern Schleswig area. The state of Schleswig-Holstein will provide initial funding for Network with other partners possibly joining later on. 

  • KoFrieS (Cooperation Network Peace Research and Security Policy)
    KoFrieS is a network of different academic institutions from Germany and abroad supporting the Peace and Security Studies M.A. programme of the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg (IFSH).
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  • European Wasatia Graduate School for Peace and Conflict Resolution
    The academic core of this trilateral project lies in an interdisciplinary, transnational and multi-religious doctoral program; it identifies truth as well as law as a condition for peace and conflict resolution in the Israeli-Palestinian relationship. The Wasatia Graduate School is conceived of as a forum for interdisciplinary scholarship conducted within the framework of an international network that regards reconciliation an essential component in social conflict resolution strategies.
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Institutional Memberships

  • Committee of Experts on Roma and Traveller Issues (ADI-ROM)
    Terms of Reference: Under the authority of the Committee of Ministers and bearing in mind the Council of Europe’s legal standards, the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights and the findings and recommendations of the relevant monitoring mechanisms, the ADI-ROM steers the Council of Europe’s intergovernmental work toward protection and promotion of the human rights of Roma and Travellers and their inclusion and activie participation in society.
    The ECMI has a status of Participant (may send a representative without the right to vote).
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Advisory Council

  • Florian Bieber
    University of Graz

  • Joshua Castellino
    Minority Rights Group

  • Nicole Dołowy-Rybińska
    Polish Academy of Sciences

  • Aliona Grossu
    Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova

  • Rainer Hofmann
    University of Frankfurt

  • Jennifer Jackson-Preece
    London School of Economics and Political Science

  • Erin Jenne
    Central European University

  • Helen Kelly-Holmes
    University of Limerick

  • Angéla Kóczé
    Central European University

  • Nils Langer
    European University Flensburg

  • Laura Morales
    Institut d’Études Politiques, Paris

  • Nils Muižnieks
    Amnesty International

  • Stefan Oeter
    University of Hamburg

  • Francesco Palermo
    Eurac Research

  • Bo Petersson
    Malmö University

  • David Smith
    University of Glasgow

  • Fernand de Varennes
    UN Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues

  • Myra Waterbury
    Ohio University

ECMI Founders