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National Minorities and Socioeconomic Equality: Still Work in Progress
Dr. Andreea Cârstocea
European Centre for Minority Issues
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National minorities often find themselves at a socio-economic disadvantage, whether in their access to employment, adequate housing, social services or healthcare. The Council of Europe Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, the main legal instrument safeguarding the rights of national minorities, includes the right to equality before the law and of equal protection by the law, and the right to effective participation in social and economic life. This Issue brief will focus on the monitoring process of this legal instrument, analysing the extent to which the right to socioeconomic participation is monitored by the Advisory Committee of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities. The conclusion of the Issue brief will point towards a rather inconsistent and unstructured approach towards the monitoring of this topic and will argue that the socio-economic objectives already developed under the Framework Convention should be followed through in the monitoring of the socio-economic situation of all national minorities, alongside renewed requests for improved data collection by governments. 

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