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National Minority Capital: Introducing the New Concept
Zora Popova
European Centre For Minority Issues
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The aim of this issue brief is to present the novel concept of national minority capital and to define it against the background of minority and social capital studies. The concept is based on analysis of empirical evidence within the frameworks of past ECMI research projects and the conceptual models designed for their purposes. It sits at the intersection of regional development studies, minority studies and social capital theory, which helps it to offer an alternative perspective and inspire further interdisciplinary academic research and debates on the topic.  
Although the model and the theory are only at their initial stage, the discourse that they introduce can help policy and decision makers in their strategic planning. National minority capital can become an asset and economic advantage to states but only if they can manage diversity so that individuals belonging to minority communities feel motivated to offer their cultural competences to the benefit of the multicultural societies to which they belong.   

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