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What are Minority Rights?

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Tweets by @ECMIFlensburg

Warm regards to all participants at the final event "Youth for Empowerment" on behalf of the ECMI Headquarters. We wish you a successful day! infoecmi.eu/index.php/finau2026 facebook.com/ECMIFlensburg/u2026

Congrats: The German UNESCO Commission has decided to put the peaceful togetherness of majorities and minorities in the Danish-German border region on their list of immaterial cultural heritage. The representatives... facebook.com/ECMIFlensburg/u2026

Final Event " Youth for Empowerment": Today is the day!

Warm regards to the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa) / Stuttgart and many thanks for a productive workshop yesterday!... facebook.com/19213106421725u2026

ECMI retweeted

Here is the link to the new website minorityforum.info

ECMI retweeted

The ⁦@TLIBudapest⁩ introducing the new website for participants in the #MinorityForum in cooperation with the Human Rights Consortium of University of London - lots of data to be collected and searchable

This week, we are at the @UNGeneva attending the annual UN #MinorityForum on Statelessness: A Minority Issue. Clearly a major problem in many countries. Thanks to Special Rapporteur @fernanddev for putting this on the agenda.

EP Resolution (2018/2036(INI)) on Minimum standards for Minorities in the EU was adopted on 13.11.2018. Check it out. Is a milestone for the EU and Europe. europarl.europa.eu/sides/getDoc.du2026

ECMI retweeted

Last week, @EuracMinorities and @EuracFederalism celebrated 25 years of #minority, #federalism and #autonomy research at @EURAC. In the weeks to come, we’ll have a look back at our research, training activities and publications. Stay tuned! A roadmap with research milestones!

ECMI Director attends the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the position of the Federal German Commissioner infoecmi.eu/index.php/ecmiu2026

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We’ll continue to support students who want changes that lead to a better future, say Jajce school students, winners of 2018 Max van der Stoel Award: osce.org/hcnm/402644. ⬆️Read on our website this full account of today's #mvdsAWARD

Congratulations to our colleagues at EURAC @EuracFederalism and @EuracMinorities with the anniversary

Congratulations. We, at @ECMIFlensburg look forward to (continue) working with you and hope that you will never stop speaking truth to power. Good luck with your new tasks and keep @MinorityRights strong. twitter.com/joshcastellinou2026

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For our summer school with @ECMIFlensburg we put on our "ImagiNation" exhibition to show how political posters can promote human rights, democracy, social justice, environment & gender equality ✊Then, the participants made their own posters

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When you finally get the photos and you can't stop going over them

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#EuropeanDayofLanguages: See which languages are more widely spoken in Europe, in this super #CoE chart .. you might be surprised!

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