Craig Willis Presents Research on the Embrace of TikTok by Catalan Media Outlets at London Conference


The Centre for Catalan Studies at Queen Mary University of London hosted a one-day conference on Wednesday, 13th September. The event featured an impressive lineup of academics and practitioners specializing in Catalan language media. Among the presenters was ECMI Researcher Craig Willis, who delivered a comprehensive quantitative analysis of official TikTok channels belonging to television, radio, and print media outlets in Catalonia.

During his presentation, Craig scrutinized the inception dates of these outlets on TikTok, along with their respective numbers of posts, likes, and followers. He then provided a valuable comparative perspective by contrasting them with similar outlets in the Basque Country and Galicia. This research builds upon Craig's prior contributions, including publications on the ECMI Minorities Blog and a guest post for the esteemed 'Media@LSE' blog, recently published by the London School of Economics. In his LSE blog post, Craig delved into the remarkable success of Television de Galicia's brand, DígochoEU, on TikTok.

The conference program, expertly curated by Professor John London and Cristofol Tripiana Traver, showcased a range of presentations from scholars based in both the UK and Catalonia. Attendees had the unique opportunity to gain insights from firsthand experiences shared by Catalan news correspondents working for British media outlets like BBC News and Catalan media outlets such as RAC1 and TV3.

For those interested in further exploration of the research on minority language media conducted by Craig, as well as Senior Researcher Dr. Sergiusz Bober within the Politics and Civil Society Cluster, we encourage you to delve deeper into their work.

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