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The European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) invites applications for two Researcher Positions
(TV-L 12, 100%)
for its Research Cluster Minority Issues in the Denmark-Germany border region.

Vacancy 1:

As part of its research agenda for 2024/2025, the ECMI is looking for a Researcher to assist with studying different aspects of the national minority communities in the Denmark-Germany border region. The key research focus is on “unpacking the Danish-German minority model”. While the model is often perceived as a single whole, it is in fact a variety of policies and interethnic relationships, which deserve to be examined individually. Such an approach will highlight the differing needs of the four minority communities, and in turn improve policy-making, public awareness and overarching majority-minority relations.

The research will contribute to the preparation of a White Paper that will lay out this varied landscape as well as draw conclusions about how best to accommodate this diversity. It will encompass the multiple parameters that frame the given region: regional development and quality of life in a peripheral cross-border region, the role of kin-states (or lack thereof), the perceived significance for wider Europe, Europeanization and globalization, migration and mounting super-diversity, and other topics. The endeavour will also involve dissemination activities, including academic outputs, policy workshops, community outreach, public talks, participation in seminars hosted by, for instance, ECMI and cooperation partners, and public awareness raising.

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Vacancy 2:

As part of its research agenda for the coming years, the ECMI is looking for a researcher who will assist with the cluster’s existing projects regarding intergroup relations and minority language issues in the Denmark-Germany border region. Key phenomena investigated in these projects include the following:

• minority and majority group members’ awareness regarding national minority issues such as group status, rights, and institutional support;

• minority and majority group members’ attitudes towards the different national minorities and minority issues;

• minority and majority group members’ perceptions of intergroup dynamics such as discrimination and/or active support; 

• minority language use and transmission.

Additionally, the researcher will develop their own empirical research regarding national minority issues in the Denmark-Germany border region.

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