ECMI Addresses Key Challenges at the "Challenges of Monitoring in the European Multicultural Environment" Conference


The ECMI, represented by its Director Vello Pettai and Senior Researcher Ljubica Djordjević, significantly contributed to the international scientific conference titled "Challenges of Monitoring in the European Multicultural Environment" hosted by the Institute of Social Sciences, Belgrade. The conference, dedicated to marking the 25th anniversary of the entry into force of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities of the Council of Europe, aimed to revisit the monitoring process and stimulate new ideas in academic discourse on diversity management.

Vello Pettai, participating in the "Nationalism, Populism, and Ethnicity: Challenges of Contemporary Europe" panel, presented a compelling analysis of the heightened challenges faced by minority rights due to the intertwining of nationalism and populism in contemporary Europe. Vello emphasized the impact of populist politicians on political rhetoric, policy, and electoral success, underscoring the need for an unwavering commitment to minority protection and equality in this challenging period.
(Watch Vello Pettai's presentation here.)

Ljubica Djordjević, contributing to the "Discussion on the Thematic Monograph: Effects of Implementation of Framework Convention in the Countries of the Post-Yugoslav Area," focused on the impact of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities (FCNM) on the quality of minority protection in the States parties. Ljubica critically examined the monitoring activities of the Advisory Committee, highlighting both positive impacts and flawed dynamics that contribute to the impression of 'monitoring fatigue.'
(Watch Ljubica Djordjević's presentation here.)

Elise Cornu, Director of the Division of National Minorities and Minority Languages at the Council of Europe, and a member of the ECMI executive board, was also present at the conference. She lauded the Framework Convention as one of the Council of Europe's biggest achievements, providing a legally binding framework for the protection of minorities at the European level.

The conference, initiated by Goran Bašić and supported by Elise Cornu and Petra Roter, aimed to reflect on challenges to multiculturalism such as nationalism and populism. The collaborators of the Academic Network for Cooperation in Southeastern Europe (ANCSEE) prepared a thematic monograph focusing on multicultural policies in the post-Yugoslav region, offering additional insights for the ACFC in monitoring the protection of national minorities.

The primary objective of the conference was to stimulate new ideas in academic discourse on diversity management, contributing to a fairer, safer, and more harmonious European society. The discussions and presentations by ECMI researchers underscore the importance of addressing the multifaceted challenges to multiculturalism in Europe.

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