ECMI Researcher Andreea Cârstocea Addresses OSCE Warsaw Human Dimension Conference


Dr. Andreea Cârstocea, senior researcher at the European Centre for Minority Issues, delivered a presentation at the OSCE Warsaw Human Dimension Conference on October 11, 2023. The conference, organized by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), focused on critical human rights and minority issues. Andreea was invited to present in Plenary Session VII, which concentrated on tolerance and non-discrimination, the rights of persons belonging to national minorities, the treatment of citizens of other states, and human rights of migrants and Roma and Sinti issues. 

Andreea's presentation centered on the crucial but often under-legislated area of socio-economic rights for national minorities. Notably, Dr. Cârstocea was part of the team drafting the forthcoming OSCE Recommendations on the Effective Participation of National Minorities in Social and Economic Life, a fact that underscores her expertise in this field. 

She highlighted the significance of these rights and the various challenges faced by minority communities in accessing them. Her presentation also discussed the forthcoming OSCE Recommendations, emphasizing their importance in addressing the socio-economic disparities faced by national minorities. 

National and ethnic minorities often encounter barriers such as limited educational opportunities, inadequate healthcare access, housing issues, unemployment, and lack of access to public goods. These challenges can significantly impact the socio-economic status of minority populations. Andreea, drawing from her direct involvement in the development of the Recommendations, stressed the importance of addressing these disparities not only for the well-being of minority communities but also for overall social and economic cohesion in Europe. 

The presentation touched on several policy areas where disparities exist, including education, healthcare, employment, housing, regional development, environmental justice, and digital inclusion. Andreea Cârstocea, as a key contributor to the Recommendations, emphasized the need for comprehensive measures to address these disparities and the role of these forthcoming guidelines in this regard. 

These Thematic Recommendations, expected to be launched in the coming weeks, offer a structured approach to reducing socio-economic inequalities facing national minorities in Europe.

In her closing remarks, Andreea highlighted the significance of these recommendations, hoping that they will set new standards for promoting the rights of minorities. She expressed her optimism that the recommendations will inspire governments, practitioners, and minority communities, especially with her firsthand experience in shaping these guidelines, to work collectively towards effective participation in social and economic life. 

The presentation by Andreea Cârstocea has been recorded and can be accessed from minute 33 onwards at the following link:

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