ECMI Senior Researcher Andreea Cârstocea's Crucial Role in Crafting OSCE High Commissioner's Recommendations

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In a significant milestone, Andreea Cârstocea, an ECMI senior researcher, played a pivotal role in the development of the Recommendations on the Effective Participation of National Minorities in Social and Economic Life. The recommendations were officially launched on 24 October during the 30th Anniversary Conference of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities (HCNM) at the Peace Palace in The Hague.

The OSCE HCNM 30th Anniversary Conference commemorated three decades since Max van der Stoel assumed his duties as the first HCNM. The event shed light on the unique approaches of six successive High Commissioners to conflict prevention and the vital role played by the HCNM in the OSCE’s conflict prevention strategy. The conference also featured the presentation of the latest thematic Recommendations by the current High Commissioner.

Andreea collaborated with a stellar team including Jennifer Jackson Preece (London School of Economics and Political Science), Fernand de Varennes (National University of Ireland-Galway / Université Catholique de Lyon), Jennifer Croft (City Ombudsman at the City of Portland), and William Romans (World Bank Accountability Mechanism) to draft these much needed recommendations.

The launch event featured a panel discussion "Effective Participation of National Minorities in Social and Economic Life: Practical Implications and Good Practices," moderated by Elżbieta Kuzborska-Pacha from the HCNM office, where Andreea and fellow drafters outlined the significance and key features of the Recommendations.

During her intervention, Andreea focused on institutional and policy measures crucial for fostering the participation of national minorities in social and economic life. She emphasized the importance of data collection as a fundamental element for crafting effective policies in this domain.

The latest Recommendations on the Effective Participation of National Minorities in Social and Economic Life offer practical tools to facilitate inclusion at various levels and in diverse settings. Addressing gaps in the realization of social and economic rights, the Recommendations provide practical guidelines for policymakers, with a specific focus on minority women, youth, and the elderly.

By actively participating in this important event, Andreea Cârstocea and her fellow drafters have contributed significantly to the ongoing dialogue on diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Recommendations aim to create a future where every national minority group can thrive and exert influence, fostering a society rich in diversity and unity.


You can find the Recommendations here.

You can find more info about our research on socioeconomic participation of minorities here.

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