Federal Government Commissioner Dr. Bernd Fabritius Visits ECMI HQ

Image courtesy: FB/Bernd B. Fabritius

On Tuesday, 17 August, the ECMI was honoured to welcome the Federal Government Commissioner for Matters Related to Ethnic German Resettlers and National Minorities Dr. Bernd Fabritius at its headquarters. Dr. Fabritius, who is the central contact person at the federal level regarding matters related to the national minorities, visited the Centre on his way to Copenhagen to learn more about the Centre’s work and activities, and to discuss possibilities for future cooperation.

The friendly discussion between the ECMI Director Prof. Vello Pettai and the Commissioner involved varied topics concerning the current state of minority issues in the German-Danish border region and Germany in general. The Commissioner emphasized the crucial role of the ECMI in future research on minorities and highlighted the importance of the German-Danish border region as a best-practice case. He supported the recent strengthening of the ECMI regional focus, which is demonstrated by the ECMI being a founding member of the Minority Competence Network (Minderheiten-Kompetenz-Netzwerk).

The Director and the Commissioner also discussed new research angles which the Centre might inquire into, including the topic of so-called ‘new minorities’. Moreover, the challenges brought about by the recent lockdown measures and faced by the ECMI and the minorities themselves were also part of the lively discussion.

The Commissioner learned more about the work of the ECMI research clusters and this year’s 25th anniversary of the Centre. In order to strengthen the ties between the ECMI and the Commissioner’s Office, Dr. Fabritius and Prof. Pettai agreed to meet again in Berlin later this year.

Image courtesy: FB/Bernd B. Fabritius
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