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Minority Issues in Europe: New Ideas and Approaches (Volume 2)
Tove H. Malloy/ Caitlin Boulter (eds.)
European Centre For Minority Issues
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As the political landscape of Europe transforms, so too does the field of minority issues. New areas of focus encompass topics as varied as populism and media representation, anthropological insights and intersectional feminist considerations, education in human rights and participatory mechanisms, and the changing categories and roles of minority communities as important actors in a variety of forums. Volume 2 of Minority Issues in Europe reflects a growing range of disciplinary approaches to the field, and a fresh outlook on the issues facing Europe’s diverse communities. Bringing together research from experienced experts and young researchers, this book aims to equip students with critical and considered insights to some of the most pressing questions in minority studies today. The book has been published by Frank & Timme .

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