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Minority Policy in Action: The Bonn-Copenhagen Declarations in a European Context 1955-2005
Jørgen Kühl and Marc Weller (eds.)
ISBN 10:
Aabenraa: Institut for Grænsregionsforskning, Syddansk Universitet
Release Date:

Published on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Bonn-Copenhagen Declarations, this book places the Danish-German efforts in the field of minority-majority issues in the wider European context. It demonstrates the significance of the Danish-German border region experience for Europe. The topics covered are divided into three main sections. The first section introduces the regional experience of Germany and Denmark. The second section focuses on the position of national minorities in the European Union. The final section examines the position of minorities in the wider European context. Nine internationally renowned authors have contributed to the volume, which is the outcome of cooperation between the European Centre for Minority Issues and the Institut for Grænseregionsforskning at the University of Southern Denmark.

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