Analysing the current situation of the “European minority” of Roma – de facto a number of disadvantaged and vulnerable communities present in almost every European country – the ECMI researchers have come to believe that the approach to the development of policies for Roma integration is scattered and hardly coordinated, based on theoretical assumptions rather than on evaluation of project outcomes and field findings. The top-down international and national agendas have failed to bring about a significant change. The lack of a synchronised and coordinated approach to the problems, regarded as a national matter, is another impediment to the finding of efficient and working solutions at a trans-national horizontal level. With its CrossCluster research programme, the ECMI aims not only to address the complexity of Roma inclusion objective, but also to promote the need for a general policy shift from integration to ‘Roma empowerment’.

  • ROMA INTEGRATION POLICIES IN A CRITICAL PERSPECTIVE aims, through the analysis of current policies, to identify the common challenges and the respective positive measures for addressing them in a coordinated and synchronised manner. The project ambition is to develop a system of integration indicators and a standardised EU Instrument for monitoring and evaluation of the policies targeting Roma and their impact.
  • ASSESSING THE MECHANISMS FOR ROMA REPRESENTATION examines the effectiveness of the mechanisms for political representation of Roma in selected European countries. Acknowledging that political representation is one of the essential paths toward empowerment and integration, the project will focus on legal/institutional arrangements and their implementation and impact in practice.

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