Maddi Dorronsoro Olamusu

Maddi is a researcher at the ECMI, with a keen interest in minority language maintenance and revitalization. Her research focuses on communities with a high density of Basque speakers, examining the responses of the Basque-speaking community to sociolinguistic changes brought about by new, non-Basque-speaking immigration. Previously, she studied the intersections between urbanism, migration, and language.

She holds an MSc in Research in Social and Political Sciences from the University of Edinburgh (UK), an MRes in Research in Social Anthropology from the University of Aberdeen (UK), and a BA in Social Anthropology from the University of the Basque Country (Spain). For the latter, she was awarded the Spanish National End-of-Degree Award in Social and Legal Sciences (2016-2017).

Before joining the ECMI, Maddi worked as a researcher and project manager in various associations and institutions. She is also currently a Research Assistant at the University of Oxford on the project ‘The Stigmatization of Political Ideologies’.

In addition, she collaborates with local Basque-language newspapers and blogs, and has volunteered in Basque-language groups, both as an advisor and a researcher, on different projects measuring language use on the street and in cultural activities. Maddi is fluent in Basque, Spanish, and English, and possesses a good knowledge of Italian.

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