ECMI Support for MSCA Individual Fellowship Applications

The European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) welcomes potential applicants for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions European fellowships to contact its staff for advice and support in completing their application.

The ECMI encompasses a wide range of minority issues through its five research clusters:

  • Culture & Diversity
  • Conflict & Security
  • Politics & Society
  • Equality & Inclusion
  • Justice & Governance

The ECMI welcomes applications in all areas related to researching minority issues. Fellows can come from a wide variety of disciplines. Applicants should think first about which cluster their research topic might best fit into, and then contact the relevant cluster head for a consultation. Please see our Research subpage for more information on the research areas.


This action is for experienced researchers from across the world. Applicants need a doctoral degree or at least four years’ full-time research experience by the time of the call deadline.

Mobility rule: In most Individual Fellowship modalities, the researcher must not have resided or carried out his/her main activity (work, studies, etc.) in the host organisation's country for more than twelve months in the three years immediately prior to the call deadline.


With a staff of 14 senior researchers and researchers, the ECMI offers a dynamic environment for pursuing comparative research on minority issues across Europe. We have particularly strong country-based knowledge on minority issues in Central and Eastern Europe. The ECMI has partnership offices in Kosovo and Ukraine, as well as previous project experience in Georgia, Moldova, Serbia, Kyrgyzstan and elsewhere.

At the same time, the ECMI is deeply rooted in its home region on the German-Danish border. We have close contacts with the relevant minority groups in the region (Danes, Germans, Frisians, Sinti and Roma) as well as other NGOs. We have special insight into the German-Danish minority regime that has served as an example for many other minority regions in Europe. Comparative research is therefore greatly encouraged.

The ECMI is located in the Kompagnietor, right on Flensburg Harbour. MSCA Fellows will be offered their own office area as well as full support services. The ECMI also maintains its own library with more than 3000 books, journals and other resources. The Centre can also offer Fellows housing in a special apartment made available to the Centre by the city of Flensburg.


The deadline for MSCA applications is 9 September 2020. Therefore, interested applicants should contact the ECMI at the latest by 1 August in order to ensure that proper application support can be given.

The fellowships can cover research stay at ECMI in the duration between 12 and 24 months.

The ECMI will provide advice on how to frame a potential topic within the Centre’s research agenda and bring our relevant synergies. Applicants will also be provided with help on developing the budget and other practical arrangements. We are committed to building strong relationships with budding scholars and innovative researchers!


The grant provides an allowance to cover living, travel and family costs. In addition, the EU contributes to the training, networking and research costs of the fellow, as well as to the management and indirect costs of the project. The grant is awarded to the host organisation.


Please find more information on MCAS websites:

For additional information on the MSCA programme as well as other guest researcher opportunities at the ECMI, please contact Dr. Marika Djolai.

ECMI Founders