ECMI Support for MSCA Individual Fellowship Applications

The ECMI welcomes potential applicants for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Individual Fellowships under its 2021 strategic focus “Minority challenges in the digital age”. The ECMI is developing new insights into how the digital evolution in our societies has impacted individuals and groups belonging to minorities in many understudied ways.  

From access to cultural expression and creativity, to the regulation of civil society participation; from the dangers of hateful speech to the importance of ethnic data collection, societies are struggling to fully appreciate and understand the challenges of digitalization for minority groups. On the one hand, the digital revolution has offered us unprecedented access to goods and social networking, which has led to an explosion of public awareness regarding the integration of minorities. On the other, the digital divide and other connected processes still strike certain groups in disproportionate terms and threaten to maintain (if not enhance) socio-economic inequality and patterns of discrimination affecting minorities.  

As a leading institution in the minorities field, the ECMI aims to address these issues, through both its existing international research staff as well as new fellows via the MSCA Actions. Fellows may come from a variety of disciplines and will work as a member of a selected ECMI research cluster. Themes supported this year include:  

To express interest, applicants are asked to submit a CV, a two-page research proposal, and the name of a potential mentor (ECMI Senior Researcher) to by 16 May 2021. The research proposal should lay out the candidate’s envisioned project and highlight in particular how it relates to the “Minority challenges in the digital age” theme. Applicants are encouraged to contact ECMI research staff in advance in order to sound out potential topics. 

  • Fulfilment of the eligibility criteria for MSCA European Fellowships  

  • You have not lived in Germany for more than 12 months in the past 3 years prior to the deadline 

  • You have successfully defended your PhD by the deadline of the MSCA call and not more than 8 years of fulltime equivalent in research since the PhD 

  • Duration: either 12 or 24 months  

  • An employment contract with the host institution (ECMI)  

  • Extra funding for mobility and family relocation 

  • Funding for training, networking and research costs, as well as for management and indirect costs of the project 

  • Further information (based on last year’s MSCA call) can be found here

  • With an international team of 11 researchers, the ECMI features a dynamic, English-language environment for pursuing comparative research on minority issues across Europe.  

  • Situated in a 17th-century building, the Kompagnietor, in downtown Flensburg on the German-Danish border, the ECMI offers a historic location imbued with the very issues of minority protection and development that have been at the heart of the Centre’s work since 1996.  

  • The ECMI organizes regular workshops, seminars and lectures on minority topics across its five research clusters, making for a vibrant intellectual atmosphere. 

  • We cooperate actively with leading institutions in the field like the Council of Europe and the OSCE High Commissioner for National Minorities, as well as national governments and minority groups themselves. 

  • The Centre maintains its own library with more than 3,000 books, journals and other resources.  

  • The ECMI puts out a range of scholarly publications, including the Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe (JEMIE), a Minorities Blog and social media. 

  • Based on an evaluation of the expressions of interest, selected applicants will be invited to attend a free MSCA proposal writing workshop organized at the Centre in the last week of May 2021.  

  • Depending on prevailing health conditions, the workshop will take place in person with travel costs and accommodation being covered for participants from Europe.  

  • The workshop will encompass direct consultations with ECMI academic staff, advice on how to frame research proposals and how to bring out relevant synergies. Applicants will also be provided with help on developing their budget and other practical arrangements.  

The ECMI is committed to building strong relationships with budding scholars and innovative researchers! For further information on the MSCA program please contact us at  


16 May 2021

  • deadline for submitting research proposals to the ECMI

May 2021

  • MSCA proposal writing workshop at the ECMI for selected applicants

September 2021

  • expected deadline for full MSCA Individual Fellowship applications



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