Call for Contributions to ECMI Minorities Blog Related to National Minorities and War in Ukraine


The ECMI Minorities Blog, published by the European Centre for Minority Issues (Flensburg, Germany), is a space for reflection and analysis of current issues, national or international, related to national, ethnic, and linguistic minorities. The blog is open to authors with a longstanding experience in research concerning minorities, as well as those who are at the beginning of their academic careers.

In view of the recent events in Ukraine, the editors decided to create a special section on the ECMI Minorities Blog, dedicated to reflections on the situation and impact of war on national minorities, in and outside of Ukraine.

Potential topics include (but are by no means limited to) the following:

  • Minorities in Ukraine during the war (case studies or comparative analyses)
  • A gender dimension of the impact of the war on minorities in Ukraine
  • Roma minorities in Ukraine during the war
  • Minorities as refugees and internally displaced persons
  • Minorities in Ukraine and their respective kin-states engagement
  • Impact of war on indigenous peoples (e.g. Crimean Tatars)
  • Minority language media and the war in Ukraine
  • Impact of the war on Russian and Belarusian minorities in Europe
  • Perceptions of the Russian minorities in the Baltic states

You can find the guidelines for authors on the blog's subpage. Please note that unlike our usual blogposts, those covering the situation in Ukraine can be shorter, as the editors would like to have more texts on a variety of topics published as soon and as frequently as possible.

Before submitting a post for publication, please consult with the blog editors the topic you are proposing and the timeframe for publication. Please send your enquiries to Dr. Sergiusz Bober and Dr. Andreea Cârstocea.

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